Who Can See My Giffts on Gifft.me? 🎁 👀

Who Can See My Giffts?

Gifft.me is an interactive, user-friendly, and secure platform designed to make giving virtual gifts easier and more meaningful. Our web-based service allows users to send custom animated messages and gift cards to friends and loved ones, wherever they are.

If you ever used one of our giffts, you might have wondered about who can see them, whether they’re publicly visible, and more. In this article, we’ll talk about the security and privacy at Gifft.me and explain why you’re safe using our giffts.

Privacy and Security in Gifft.me

Many users ask us about who can see the virtual gifts created at Gifft.me. Below, you’ll find all the relevant information and answers to most of your questions.

Giffts are not public

So here’s your answer to the question “Who can see my giffts?”: No one. Only the sender and the receiver can view the gift and the animated message you sent.

Nobody else can see it. It means your message is safe and secure and only you and your friends that received it can read it.

Do you need to understand why? No problem, let’s get to it.

How does your gifft remain private?

When you generate a new gifft, you notice you get a link with a random string of characters at the end. This is because our website randomly generates 24 character-long IDs for each of the new giffts created.

This new ID makes a new URL (an address on the Internet) that can be accessed by anyone with the link (just like a Google Doc). This mechanism allows us to not require any kind of authorization from you, making the experience of sharing love and peace online much more seamless and enjoyable.

browser tab of a Gifft.me gift showing the 24-characters-long ID that make using the giffts secure

Since this 24 characters-long ID is random, only your receiver can get access to this. Why? Because no one can guess it. I mean, they may try, but it’ll take them more than a lifetime to find the right one.

The ID is made of alphanumeric characters. In other words, each character can be a letter from A to Z or a number from 0 to 9. It gives a total of 36 possibilities to each character. So, have you already calculated how many possible IDs can we generate?

Here’s the result: 2,821,109,907,456,000,000,000,000,000.

I bet you can’t even say out loud what this number is called (me neither).

So you can have an image of how big this number is, if we had that amount of people in the universe, we’d be able to fill 358,179,917,673,250 planets Earth.

Another one: if you had that amount in Dollars, you’d have 15,387,993,835,169 times the fortune of Elon Musk. This is a trillion times trillions of Dollars!

This is the statistical way we make sure your messages and gifts are safe and secure, while can be accessed seamlessly by all your loved ones.

Can someone guess my Gifft combination?

No, no one can guess your gifft combination for two main reasons:

  1. They’ll never be able to try as many attempts to guess your Gifft ID and take your private information
  2. Even if they do, our servers will block any malicious activity like this.

The length of the ID ensures, mathematically, that no one can guess your Giffts address on our servers and peep into your private information. This means only you and your receivers can see and interact with the gifft.

So, you can rest assured that no hacker or unwanted person will access your gifft.

Who can see my Gifts Feed?

Only you can see your gift feed.

When you authenticate on our website, you can access the page https://gifft.me/feed. Once you log in, you land on an area of the website that is visible just for you.

Gift feed section at Gifft.me

The feed saves all your giffts and makes them easily accessible for you. This is great if you want to resend gifts or check your previous messages to create new ones.

Regarding security, the gifft feed is protected by a login, whether you authenticate with your Google account or email. So it could only be hacked if someone guesses your password or credentials, which is very unlikely.

You can share all your love online securely and privately at Gifft.me

Finally, Gifft.me is a secure website, where your loving messages are safe from prying eyes. All the information you add on our surprising gift services apps are protected by our 24-character long ID system, making them statistically impossible to be accessed by anyone other than you and your receivers.

eight people sitting and looking into the horizon knowing they can safely use Gifft.me to share love online

If you still have further questions or doubts about the security and privacy at Gifft.me, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be glad to talk to you. Also, read our article about privacy and security in the digital age for a complete overview of the threats lurking the online world!

If you have any additional question or suggestions, feel free to reach us at info@gifft.me.

In the meanwhile, share all your love online with our virtual gifts!