How to Write Creative Greetings for Virtual Gifts

Gift cards, both physical and virtual, are great ways to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Writing a gift card is a highly personalized present and also an extremely easy one to make! Plus, the options on the type of greeting you can use are vast – you can choose from serious, heartfelt messages to witty, funny greetings.

Unsure of how to write greetings for gift cards? Looking for tips? Worry not! This article will give you tips and tricks to write greeting cards that will make your loved ones feel special. Read on to learn how to write greeting cards that you can send physically or virtually to your loved ones on their birthdays, on special occasions, or just because!

6 Tips to Write Great Greetings

Writing greetings can be a complex task. What should you say? Will your loved ones like them? Are they enough to show your loved ones how much they mean to you?

Cast your worries aside as we compiled 6 easy tips on how to write greeting cards like a pro. With these tips, you’ll be able to write short but sweet greetings that will make your loved ones feel special!

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1. Personalize the message

The first and probably the most important tip for writing greeting cards is to make sure that your greeting is personalized. Generic greetings can make your recipient feel that they are just receiving a note that you have sent to everyone – and we don’t want that, do we?

One way of ensuring that your greeting is personalized is by adding the name of the recipient. Instead of writing a generic “Happy New Year!”, write “Happy New Year, Diane!” to make your message more special.

You can also add short snippets of your experiences together, such as “I will always remember that one time we devoured a whole pizza together – can’t wait to do it again with you!” or even some inside jokes that only you and the recipient understand.

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This way, you ensure that your greeting is personalized and that your recipient feels the connection between the two of you even through the gift card.

2. Keep it sweet and thoughtful

Sending gift cards is already a thoughtful way to communicate your feelings to your loved ones, but adding more sweetness wouldn’t hurt!

Don’t be afraid to write “I love you” or “Your presence means a lot to me” on your greeting cards. Sometimes, we overlook the power of saying these words to our loved ones, thinking that they already know how much we love and appreciate them.

However, saying these short but sweet messages in writing is guaranteed to make your loved ones feel 100% more appreciated.

3. Let your creativity run free

All of us have a dash of creativity within us, and what better way to express them than by using them to make creative greeting cards?

Incorporate a song, a poem, or a simple rhyme into your greeting cards to give them a boost on the creativity side.

If you’re sending physical cards, let your creative side run free by drawing or decorating on your card. If you’re sending virtual cards, you can also opt to upload your own art!

4. Make the recipient feel special

Our main goal when sending greeting cards is to make the recipients feel special. You may think that this is difficult to do when you’re sending gift cards, but there are a lot of ways that you can make your recipients feel special through your greetings!

Start by personalizing your message to ensure that your recipient feels that you are talking only to them. Don’t forget to add memories that you share or experiences that you want to do with them!

Finally, always directly say what you want to say, like “I hope that this card reminds you of how special you are to me. I look forward to spending more years with you. Happy Birthday, John!”

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5. Be sincere and write from the heart

The best way to ensure that your greetings reach the hearts of your recipients is to also write from your heart.

Although they are our go-to greetings, try avoiding generic notes like “I wish you more blessings in the coming year.” Instead, write in detail what you intend to say to the recipient.

You can go for “I hope that you pass the entrance exam to your dream school this year so that you can finally work towards all of your goals step by step.” This way, your message is more heartfelt and special.

6. Go for the humor

A good amount of humor is always welcome in greeting cards. After all, who doesn’t need some humor in this day and age?

Starting with witty catch phrases or hilarious jokes can evoke a good laugh in your recipients.

“What do you call your dad when he falls through the ice? POPsicle!” This is a great way to start a Father’s Day message that will surely give your dad a chuckle!

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What Not To Do to Make your Greetings more Unique

Although you have the freedom to write anything you want for your greetings, there are a few things we suggest avoiding to ensure that your messages are unique, heartfelt, and personalized.

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Don’t use the same message over and over again; try to be original every time

If you plan on sending gift cards to multiple recipients, it might be easier to just copy and paste the notes. You want to say the same things to them so why not just use the same message, right?

Wrong! Even if you’re greeting your loved ones for the same occasion (like their birthdays), it’s always best to tweak your messages and personalize them depending on the recipient.

If you sent Annie a note saying “Happy Birthday, Annie! I wish you a wonderful birthday blast full of singing and dancing!”, don’t send the same message to Paul even if they both love to sing and dance.

You can send Paul something like “Happy Birthday, Paul! It’s your time to sing and dance the night away! Have a fun-filled night!”

Don’t write more nor less than you have to say; use the right amount of words

Remember that greeting cards are there to greet someone, not to share your whole life with someone (a full-length letter is more appropriate for this!).

As such, refrain from writing too much as this would make your greeting lengthy and may ultimately deviate from what you want to say. Keep it just short enough to convey your feelings – two to three sentences are usually the best way to go!

In the same way, gift cards are not sticky notes, so don’t write three-word phrases!

Of course, you must say what you want to say. Maybe you want to use this greeting card to send a deep emotional message to your loved one. If that’s the case, then you’re always free to use as many words as you need to express your feelings.

Don’t focus too much on grammar or spelling; write as you’d write in a messenger app

Treat greeting cards as short but sweet conversations with your loved ones. Yes, grammar and spelling may be important, but don’t let them get in the way of conveying your feelings!

When we focus too much on grammar, we tend to rethink our messages a lot. As a result, we sometimes lose that sincere flow of thought that comes from our hearts.

We suggest writing your greetings as if you’re talking directly to your loved ones, or as if you’re sending them a message through a messaging app – don’t put too much thought that you’re losing your sincerity as you write!

Don’t be overly familiar nor overly formal; find the right balance

Greeting cards are great gifts to send to anyone – from your partner, to your family, to your colleague, and even to your boss.

Finding the right amount of familiarity when you write is key to making your recipient comfortable in reading your greetings. For close loved ones, you can be as casual as you want. Write jokes if you feel like it!

However, for colleagues or seniors, more formality is recommended so that your recipients wouldn’t think that you are being too familiar.

Don’t overlook your relationship with the recipient; craft a tailor-made message for your loved one

Lastly, the best way to guarantee that your message reaches the heart of your recipient is to personalize it for them. Write a message showing your relationship with your recipient and how much it means to you.

For your partner, you can write “Happy, happy birthday, Melissa! I have loved every day of the four years that we have been together, and I can’t wait to spend more years with you.”

For your father, you can say “Merry Christmas, dad! Thank you so much for being the best Santa Claus who gives us the gift of love and peace.” Show your loved ones how special they are to you!

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Now, It’s Your Turn to Get to it!

Writing greetings may be scary when you don’t know how to start. However, after learning our best practices, we think that you won't have any difficulties expressing your feelings through messages anymore!

Personalized gift cards are now easier to send than ever! Wherever you or your loved one may be, creating greeting cards can be done with just a few clicks. Access them whenever, wherever! Try’s virtual gift cards and write your message, completely for free!