The 12 Best Break Up Messages For When It's Time to End a Relationship

No one likes break ups. 💔 For most of us, we enter relationships believing that our partners will be the ones we’ll spend the rest of our lives with. However, there may come a time when we realize that we are not compatible with the one we love. 😔 Instead of continuing with a relationship that isn’t working, the best way forward is to break up. ⬅️ ➡️

It may be hard to break up with someone you once loved 🥲, but knowing the right words can help the break up be more amicable. Read on for tips on break up messages that you can keep in mind for when you want to end it with your partner on good terms.

Breaking Up With Someone By Message: To Be or Not To Be?

To make the decision to break up with someone isn't easy. And executing it is even harder. It may involve tears 😭, some hurtful words 🤬, and a lot of heartache 💔. While some people find it easier to send break up messages over SMS or social media, it is always best to break up with someone in person.

Sending break up messages may cause miscommunication and unanswered questions, but talking in person can foster openness and can help both parties understand each other better. 🙂

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However, there are times when a break up message over text is the only option, such as when you’re in a long-distance relationship 🛫 or are just in the talking stage of the relationship and no deep feelings are involved yet. 😌

For these instances, sending break up messages can be acceptable as long as you keep your messages clear ✨, direct to the point ⏩, and polite 🎩. Sometimes, even serious relationships can merit break up messages over text, such as when your relationship is so toxic that you don’t want to see each other anymore.

If you choose to break up in person, writing break up messages can also help you clear and gather your thoughts. Writing your message ✍️ before talking to your partner can ensure that you are communicating your feelings 💚 clearly without hurting anyone.

Sending break up messages ultimately depends on you 🫵 since you’re the only one who knows the context of your relationship.

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What’s important is that whether you choose to talk in person or over text, you remember to keep your partner’s feelings in mind when you say your message 🗣️. No matter how hurtful the relationship has been 🤕, be mindful of both your and your partner’s feelings so that you can close your relationship in a civil way. 🤝

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How to Write Break Up Messages

Whether you’re ending your relationship over text or just writing your break up message to gather your thoughts, the contents of break up messages depend on the relationship that’s ending. 👈 For a short-term, non-serious relationship, your break up message can be simple and straight to the point. 🏃

For a more serious long-term relationship, your break up message should have more feelings 🥹 and should explain better why you’re choosing to end the relationship ❌ so that your partner completely understands.

Whatever the context of your relationship is, ending it is difficult for both parties. 🧗 As such, ensuring that your break up message clearly communicates your feelings and intentions 🎯 is key to minimizing the pain for both parties. Don’t forget to keep your message polite and, as much as possible, free from ill intentions.

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Writing nice and polite break up messages to end a relationship well

Writing polite 👔 and positive 👍 break up messages, while difficult, is not impossible. Keeping your break up message as polite as possible can help end your relationship with dignity and keep your relationship with your partner amicable even after it ends. 🐶

If your relationship is ending because it’s not working out and not because your partner hurt you, you can even make your break up message more “positive”. Communicate that neither of you individually is the problem 🫤, but a romantic relationship between the two of you is just not working 🥀. You can also say that it may be better for you to part ways ⬅️ ➡️ so that you can both grow individually. Don’t forget to mention your good times and how they made you feel.

Ending relationships is not an easy thing but it’s sometimes necessary. When this is the case, remember to put yourself in your partner’s shoes 👞 and communicate properly 🗣️ the reason for your choosing to end your relationship.

Even if you’re breaking up ❤️‍🩹, you can be friends 🤝 in the future if you end your relationship politely and amicably. 🐶

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Good tips to write a healthy break up message

If you decide to send a break up message 📩 over text, make sure to do it the proper way for a healthy break up. Since you’re sending over SMS or social media DM, keep your break up message polite 👔 but direct to the point ⏩.

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Try not to use flowery words 💐 that may cause misunderstandings ❓ - just communicate your feelings and why you’re ending the relationship, and add a short message about the memories you’ll always treasure. 🌟 Be clear and concise so that you’re partner won’t have to go into a roller-coaster ride 🎢 of feelings when reading your message.

Make sure to also send your message during times when you know your partner isn’t doing anything important. 🕰️ Don’t send your message during work hours, 💼 for example, as your partner may see it and be affected the whole work day 🙇.

Lastly, make sure to read your message through several times 🔄. If you send your message once you finish writing it, it may have rude or cruel words 🤬 that you wrote in the heat of the moment. Reading and editing your message can help avoid this and make your message more polite. 🙂

When sending break up messages, just remember that at the other end of that line is also a person with feelings. 😢 No matter what they did to you, it’s best to be polite and avoid wishing your partner ill. Keeping your messages polite and civil will not only help your relationship be more amicable but will also help you keep your peace of mind knowing that you didn’t intentionally hurt someone.

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How to end a break up message?

Ending a break up message may be the hardest part as the ending determines what your partner will feel afterward. 🤨 It is thus important that you think your ending through to ensure that your point comes across clearly while still keeping your message polite.

If you’re writing a break up message for a fling, you can end your message by saying that even if a romantic relationship didn’t work, you could still try being friends. This is acceptable in this situation since you’re not yet in too deep. 🤿

However, if you’re ending a serious relationship 😐, you can end with more feelings by sharing the memories you had together 🌰 and how they have helped you become who you are. 🪴 Mention that though your relationship didn’t work, you wish them well. 🩷

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On the other hand, if you’re ending a toxic relationship ☣️, you can be more direct to the point in saying that the relationship wasn’t good for you and ending it is the best for your health 🤒. Saying this will communicate clearly that there is no chance of you getting back together. 🙅

When ending your break up message, the important thing is to make sure that you let your feelings out and communicate your reasons while still keeping your message as polite as possible. Again, it’s best not to beat around the bush 🫣 so that your partner clearly understands what you’re trying to say.

When done properly, polite break up messages can help keep your relationship amicable. 🤝

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12 Break Up Messages To End Things Well

Now that you’ve decided to write a break up message, whether to send to your partner or to gather your thoughts, we’ve compiled a list of break up messages below to give you some inspiration on what to write.

Polite break up messages 👔

Hey! I know that this may be sudden, but I feel that it would be best for us not to move forward with our relationship romantically. I don’t think we’re compatible as lovers, but I hope we can be friends in the future!

I’m sorry to be saying this over text, but I don’t think our relationship is working anymore. We’ve grown quite apart, and I believe it’s best to go our separate ways. I will always treasure the time we had together.  Remember that I’m always wishing you happiness and success!

Positive break up messages 🙂

I know this may sound cliche, but you’re not the problem. You’re a great person, but this relationship isn’t working anymore. I think it’s best for us to separate so that we can both grow individually and reach our full potential without our relationship getting in the way. You’ll always be a part of me, but I believe that this is the best for us. I pray that you achieve all your dreams - I’ll always be rooting for you!

Nothing’s good about breaking up, but I believe that one day in the future, we’ll look back and think that we did the right thing to go our separate ways. You’ll always be a memory I’ll treasure, and I hope that one day we can see each other again and feel only fondness and not bitterness.

Sweet break up messages 🍨

You’re definitely a great person who deserves to be loved and cared for. I’m afraid I’m not the one who can give you the love that you deserve at the moment. I had a great time in the short period that we spent together, but I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment and I don’t want to lead you on. I wish you all the best in everything you do!

Thank you for being there when I needed someone - I hope that I was able to show you how much I loved and cared for you in return. However, I think it’s time for us to part ways as our relationship isn’t really working for the both of us anymore. You will always be my first love and I pray that you find happiness.

Break up messages to end long-distance relationships 🌖

This is something I’m not taking lightly, and I wish we could talk in person. However, given our situation, this is the best I can do. Our relationship isn’t working anymore, and I truly feel that it would be best for both of us to separate ways. Thank you for all the memories I will forever treasure, and I hope that you find happiness in whatever you choose to do.

I know we said that we’ll try to make this work, but it’s been very difficult for me to be in a long-distance relationship. I think it would be best for us to go our separate ways and pursue our individual passions. I hope you understand and respect my decision. Thank you for all your efforts - they haven’t gone unnoticed.

Break up messages to end casual relationships 💫

I really had fun spending time with you, but I’m sorry to say that I’m not looking for anything serious right now. I hope you understand! You’re a really great person and I wish you the best!

Hey! You’ve been really great, but I don’t think we’re really compatible as a couple. We have different values and interests, so it’s better that we end it earlier than later. I hope you find the right person soon!

Break up goodbye messages 🚢

Hey! I had a fun ride with you, but I think it’s time for us to say goodbye. The days we spent together were some of my most memorable, but I think we’ll be better apart than together. Goodbye - I’ll always treasure our memories.

Goodbye is always one of the hardest things to say, but it’s time for us to move on. Our relationship isn’t healthy for me anymore and I’d want to spend time being single for the time being. Goodbye, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me!

Break up thank you messages 🙏

It wasn’t easy for me to come up with this decision, but I believe that being apart is what’s best for us right now. Thank you for all the memories I’ll forever treasure and for being a great part of my life - our relationship was good while it lasted. Take care!

You picked me up when I was at my lowest, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. This period of my life is something I believe I should spend alone, so I’m ending our relationship in the hopes that someday, we can still be friends. Thank you for everything and I wish you nothing but the best!

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Dear Vania, I hope this message finds you well. Over the past few months I've been reflecting on our relationship and it pains me to admit that there's a disconnect between us. However it has become evident to me that we possess different levels of commitment towards our relationship. While I've been investing my heart and soul into this it seems you haven't been able to reciprocate the same intensity. I don't say this to criticize you or make you feel guilty; instead I only wish to convey my feelings honestly. I believe that both partners in a relationship should be equally invested ensuring that we grow together as a team. Please understand that I don't harbor any ill-will towards you Vania. I genuinely care for you and want nothing but the best for you. That is precisely why I feel it's best for both of us to part ways and explore our own paths separately. Breaking up isn't easy but I believe it's the right decision for us in the long run. My hope is that we can part on amicable terms cherishing the memories we've created together and fostering a sense of respect for one another. Take care Vania. - With sincere affection, Nicolas

Hey Fred. I hope you're doing well. I wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my mind lately. I've realized that our fling has run its course and it's time for us to go our separate ways. I want you to know that this decision has nothing to do with you personally. You are a genuinely nice person and I've enjoyed our time together. However I believe it's best for both of us to move on and focus on other aspects of our lives. I hope you feel the same way. I truly wish you all the best in the future. Take care of yourself, Fred -Sincerely, Paul

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Final Thoughts

Breaking up, no matter how long or serious the relationship has been, is never easy. 🪨 You have to keep in mind the other party’s feelings while still ensuring that you communicate your feelings clearly. 📢 As such, it’s always best to break up in person. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can only send break up messages 📩, remember to keep it polite and respectful. 😌

With the tips and messages we’ve shared above, we hope that your break up will be as smooth 🍦 and amicable 🐶 as possible to minimize any hard feelings and bitterness 🍋.

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