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Have you ever heard of the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? 🤣 A good ol’ laugh is guaranteed to make anyone’s day brighter! In the long term, laughing can also help relieve stress and tension which can have a positive effect on our health. 🩺 The best part? Laughing is completely free! Spread happiness and positivity by sending AI-generated jokes to your loved ones to help lighten their days up! ☀️

Are you noticing that your dad is having a difficult time at work? 💻 Send free dad jokes to him every day to make him laugh! Do you want to know how your friends are doing? Start your message with a knock-knock joke 🚪 to reminisce about your high school joke times! Try’s AI-generated jokes to spread laughs wherever you are! 🤡

Try our AI Joke Generator!

Introducing's AI Joke Generator has developed an AI generator called Olivia who can help you craft whatever message you want ✍️ when you feel like you can’t find the right words 📖 - and yes, she can even crack funny jokes! 😂 This AI tool is guaranteed to take your jokes to the next level and make you the new group clown! 🤡 believes that each one of us has a witty and funny side. 😎 However, it can sometimes be tricky to come up with new and unique jokes that can make your loved ones with different personalities laugh. That’s where Olivia comes in! 🔮 She can help you create AI-generated jokes - from one-liners to dad jokes, from puns to question and answers - which are guaranteed to make your family and friends laugh! 👏

Spreading joy all over the world 🌏 is now made easier with’s AI generator! No need to rack your brain for the perfect one-liner - help your loved ones find the silver lining of their days 🌥️ and laugh out loud 😂 by sending them AI-generated jokes tailored to their humor now!

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How to Craft Funny, Tailored Jokes With our AI

Making your loved ones laugh with AI-generated jokes only takes a few steps! You will have to answer a series of questions ❔ to generate the prompt that Olivia can use to craft a tailor-fit joke for your recipient. For AI-generated jokes, you can specify the topic and type of joke that you want generated to make sure that it would fit your recipient’s personality! Don’t forget to provide a detailed topic so that Olivia can create the perfect joke for your loved one. 🪄

After generating the joke, you can easily copy it or send it directly via’s virtual gifts to spread happiness all over the world! 🌻 Choose from a wide range of virtual gifts 🎁 that you can use to package your AI-generated joke, and watch your recipient have fun starting from unwrapping the gift up to the punchline!

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Ready to spread some laughs? Take a minute to read our guide below on how to generate your joke through’s AI tool. ⬇️

Overview of the AI Joke Generator's UI

Spread positivity and good vibes to your loved ones now! To start, meet Olivia,’s AI generator. 🤖 She’ll help you craft the funniest joke that is sure to make anyone laugh!

Click “Get Started” to proceed to the first step. 1️⃣

joke ai generator first step, main cta

The next page will show you all the messages that Olivia can write. 📋 For a funny joke, click “Joke”.

ai generator use cases with highlight in the Joke option

The next page is the first and only step in crafting your AI-generated joke. First, write the topic of your joke. If your friend loves cats 😺, you can write “cat jokes”!

Next, choose the type of joke you want. If you want to show your witty side to your brother, you can create a pun! 😎  If you’re looking to send a joke to your dad, why not try a dad joke? 👨 That would sure be fun! Lastly, choose who the joke is for. Remember that you can also type in the box if you can’t find your relationship to the recipient in the options!

Click “Generate Joke” once you’re ready to laugh! 😝

joke ai generator form with 2 examples as summer jokes and work jokes

Be ready to be filled with humor as you’ll see Olivia typing away your joke in just a few seconds! 🪄 Check if your AI-generated joke suits your liking. ✅ You’ll notice that there are numbers below the joke - these are other jokes on the same topic that you can also check out to find the perfect one! 💯 Just remember that you only have 10 free messages per day, and clicking on each joke consumes 1.

your message is ready screen with 3 examples of ai-generated jokes

If you think that something’s missing 🤷‍♀️, you can also go back to the previous page and click “Edit prompt”. ⌨️ You can edit your answer from the previous page to make the joke more specific. For example, instead of just writing “cat jokes”, you can put “joke about cat and mouse”. 😺🐭 You can also update the joke type here!

If you think that you want to send another type of message instead of a joke, feel free to click “Generate new message”.

Once you’re happy with your AI-generated joke, click “Copy text” to instantly copy the joke and send it via SMS or DM! 📲 If you want something more exciting, send the joke through’s virtual gifts! 🎁 You can send your joke through a virtual gift box, a virtual scratch-to-reveal, and many more! Make your jokes a lot more fun by having your recipient unwrap them virtually!

That was quick, wasn’t it? In just a few steps, you’re now able to generate a funny joke that you can send to anyone anytime, anywhere! 📨 Before you start spreading fun, check out our tips below to create the perfect AI-generated joke!

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Tips to Make AI Generated Jokes

When creating your AI-generated joke, keep in mind that Olivia bases her messages on the prompt that you generate by answering the guide questions. For the AI-generated joke, you only get to answer 3 questions in total, so we recommend that you carefully think about your answers so that you’re sure to generate the joke that you and your recipient would like! 🤔

For the joke topic, try to be as specific as you can if you want a specific joke to be created. ✔️ For example, if you want to generate a pun related to New Year to start the year on a fun note, you can specify that you want a joke about “New Year and fireworks” 🎆 instead of just writing a generic “New Year”.

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When to Use's AI Joke Generator

Sending jokes to your loved ones from time to time is a great way to spread positivity and cheer! 🎉 However, it may be hard to come up with 10 different jokes for your family and friends! Luckily, can help you create lots of AI-generated jokes that are absolutely hilarious! 😂

There’s no need to wrack your brain to think of jokes that your recipients would like! With Olivia, you can just specify your recipients’ interests and generate a joke about them in an instant! 🌬️ Share fun with the people you love with’s joke AI-generator now!

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Have Some Laughs with our AI Joke Generator Today!

Technology has made spreading fun easier than ever! 🤖 Generate a lot of jokes through’s AI generator and send them to your family and friends to remind them that there’s always something that you can laugh about in life! 🌅 With the guide we’ve shared above, come up with the perfect jokes personalized for your loved ones!

For added excitement and interactivity, send your AI-generated jokes through’s virtual gifts! 🎁 Let them open a virtual box of surprises and laughs - all for free! 🆓

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