The 33 Best Valentine's Messages for Girlfriend

Ahh, to love and be loved every day! 💞 You’re definitely one lucky person to have a loving, awesome, and beautiful girlfriend! 🙌 As the day of love fast approaches, you may be wondering what perfect surprise you can give your girlfriend to make her feel extra special and loved.

You can prepare a sweet camping expedition 🏕️, reserve a slot for a romantic dinner 🕯️, buy her a spa gift certificate 💆‍♀️, or just do something that you both love 🎢. No matter what you choose to surprise her with, don’t forget to prepare the sweetest Valentine’s message for girlfriend!

Show your girlfriend how much you love and appreciate her by saying it through words! Valentine messages for girlfriend are a sure way to make her heart flutter 💘 and keep your love ablaze. If you’re thinking how best to express your love, we’re here for you!

Read on for tips on writing the perfect Valentine’s message for girlfriend and some sample messages to inspire you. 🌹

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Writing a Special Valentine's Day Message for Your Girlfriend

If you’re one of those who may be wondering what’s so special about February 14th that it got to be the so-called “day of love”, ❤️ just think of it like Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or Teacher’s Day, or any of these special holidays that we use to celebrate the special people in our lives. We don’t really know how these days were identified, but through these days, we get to make our mothers, fathers, teachers, and other loved ones feel our love and appreciation. 🥰

In the same way, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. While we all definitely love our family, friends, and partners throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is when we get to celebrate this love in an extra special way. 🥳 For most, it’s a valid excuse to spend extravagantly on flowers 💐, chocolates 🍫, stuffed toys 🧸, and other gifts to show our love to our loved ones. 🎁

Express your love with words on this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is also the best day to express our feelings through words. 🦜 For most of us, we show our love through the little things that we do for our loved ones every day. 🧁 However, we sometimes forget that expressing our love through words is as equally important. Just as much as we appreciate hearing words of affirmation from others, our loved ones would also greatly treasure hearing sweet words from us! 💞

We recognize that it may be challenging to find the right words to express your love - may it be for your family, friends, or partner. That’s why we’ve compiled this short guide to help you find the inspiration to start writing your sweet Valentine’s messages just in time for the day of love! 😌

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How to start writing a perfect Valentine's Day message to your babe

If you’re not the vocal type, 🙊 this Valentine’s Day is the best time to let your girlfriend hear how much you love and appreciate her! Don’t be afraid to be extra cheesy and romantic in writing your Valentine’s message for girlfriend! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring out your cheesy side, 🧀 so just write your feelings out and we’re sure that she’ll feel your love. 🥰

When writing your Valentine messages for girlfriend, 💌 don’t forget to make it extra special by alluding to your milestones, shared experiences, and even inside jokes! 🥁 If you’re spending your first Valentine’s Day together, remember to tell her how special it means to you and how much you’d love to spend many more Valentine’s Days together.

Remember to not think too hard - just look within and write what you wish to say. You can include special moments that made you feel her love and how you also want to show her how much you appreciate her. You can also write about your fun times together or your plans for the future. 👩‍🚀 No matter what you choose to write, or however short or long your message is, what’s important is that your Valentine’s message for girlfriend comes from your heart! ❤️

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The best way to send your Valentine message to your girlfriend

Once you’re ready with your lovely and romantic Valentine’s message for girlfriend, 📝 the next step is to think about how you’ll send it to her. 📬 If you’re lucky 🍀 to be spending the day with her, you have various options such as writing a handwritten love letter, including the message in your surprise gift 🎁, or even saying your Valentine’s wish in person.

However, if you’re in a long-distance relationship or you won’t be able to see each other face-to-face, you may want to opt to send your message digitally through SMS, DM, or virtual gifts. 📲

Writing a hand-written letter is a romantic way to express your love for your girlfriend. 😍 With technology making it easy to send texts and DMs, hand-written letters have now been a form of expression attributed to deep love and thoughtfulness. ✍️

After all, not everyone will take the time to choose the best kind of paper and the right color of pen for a romantic letter! 💘 Hand-written letters are also perfect for longer messages when you want to write about your lovely memories together and your hopes and dreams for your future.

While a long Valentine message for girlfriend is truly romantic, you can also opt for a shorter but equally meaningful message. Shorter messages are more direct to the point and are perfect if both you and your girlfriend are more on the go. 🏃‍♀️

Plus, shorter messages are easier to send through digital means! If you’re choosing to write shorter messages, remember that presentation is still important! If you want to do away with the same old SMS or DM and choose something more fun and special, 🎇 try sending your Valentine message for girlfriend through virtual gifts! 💌

At, youll find the perfect wrapper for your digital messages. The best part? Theyre completely free!

Virtual gifts are the new form of gifts - they are gifts sent over the internet that your girlfriend can still unwrap and be surprised with! There are various types of virtual gifts for every occasion. 😍

For your Valentine’s messages for girlfriend, you can choose a virtual heart 💖 or a virtual love letter 💌 that your girlfriend can unwrap to reveal your sweet message! 🥹 Wherever she may be in the world, you can still surprise her with these virtual gifts, all free from! 🙌

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24 Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s message for girlfriend? Look no further - we’ve compiled a list to help you out! 🧐

Happy Valentine's Day messages for your girlfriend

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the only apple of my eye! 🍎 I love you!
  • You make this day a thousand times brighter. 🔆 Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!

Heartfelt valentine's message for girlfriend

  • Thank you for showing me what true love is just by being you. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, my one and only true love!
  • Every day, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to have someone as loving and caring as you in my life. 🙏 Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

Valentine's Day love messages for girlfriend 

  • We may be young but I know that my love for you is real. 🥰 Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! Can’t wait to spend the day with you - love you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, love! ❤️ I always pray for the blessing to spend every Valentine’s Day with you for the rest of my life. I love you!

Funny Valentine messages for girlfriend 

  • Who’s always late for Valentine’s Day? A choco-late! 🍫 I may be bringing chocolates but I won’t be late! Happy Valentine’s Day, love! See you!
  • Who always has a date for Valentine’s Day? A calendar! 🗓️ Looks like I’m a calendar this year ‘coz I have a date! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Long valentine messages for girlfriend 

  • Loving can hurt, but you showed me that it’s worth the risk. I’m thankful to have found a partner who makes every up and down, every twist and turn, always worth it. 🧗‍♀️ Happy Valentine’s Day, love! I love you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, hon! I hope that today reminds you of how loved and cared for you are by the people who are graced by your presence, me being one of the luckiest. 🍀 Thank you for just being you. I love you! ❤️

Romantic Valentine messages for girlfriend 

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! You will always have my hand, heart, and soul. I love you! 💞
  • You are the love that’s meant for me, and I’m lucky to be able to call you my own. Happy Valentine’s Day, love you! 💘

Sweet Valentine message for girlfriend 

  • I hope you realize how beautiful you are in my eyes 😍 so that you see how much brighter you make the world. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!
  • I may be the one who gave chocolates 🍫🍫 but the smile you showed in return made everything much sweeter. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Long distance Valentine's message for girlfriend 

  • Even if we’re miles apart, know that you’re always in my mind, 💭 especially on this wonderful day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! I can’t wait to be celebrating with you soon.
  • Our setup may not be ideal, but I know that you’re worth the distance, the wait, and the loneliness I’m experiencing for now. I can’t wait to spend my life with you by my side. 💘 Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

Cute valentine message for girlfriend

  • I keep your photograph in my wallet to show me how every obstacle is worth facing knowing that you’re waiting for me at the end of the day. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!
  • It sure hurt when Cupid shot me in the heart, 💘 but seeing you every day made it worth it! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

Short valentine messages for girlfriend

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! Know that you are loved all year round! 💖
  • To the love of my life, my best friend and partner, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹

Good Valentine's Day messages for girlfriend

  • This day of love, allow me to thank you for exuding love and care for everyone around you. 🥰 Know that you are also loved - Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • This day is worth celebrating because I have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! 💖

Beautiful Valentine message for girlfriend 

  • To the greatest blessing of my life, Happy, happy Valentine’s Day! You shine every day! ☀️
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, love! Know that everyone around you is thankful for having a ray of sunshine as beautiful and bright as you. Love you! 🌈

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4 Popular Valentine's Messages or Quotes to Send Your Girlfriend in 2024

“Our love story is my favorite”

Not only is this Valentine’s quote romantic, 🌹 but it’s also very personal to your relationship. Every love story is different just as every woman is different. Letting your girlfriend know that your love story is your favorite is also like telling her that she’s your favorite person! 💁‍♀️ How romantic, right?

You can include this in your Valentine’s message for girlfriend or say it in person during your romantic dinner. 🥰 It will surely make the night 100x more romantic!

“Nobody understands me like you do”

Letting your girlfriend know how much you appreciate her and everything that she does 😍 is a great way to make her feel loved and seen. Telling her that you love how she understands and accepts you like nobody else will show her that you appreciate her love and efforts. 💞

“I love you more than pizza”

Are you a certified pizza fan 🍕 and your girlfriend knows it? This Valentine quote is a great way to add some fun to your Valentine’s message for girlfriend! Let her know that you love her as much as your favorite food - or even more! 😍 Having some laughs on Valentine’s Day is a refreshing take instead of focusing on being romantic only.

Remember that you can also change pizza into other food or things that you love. For instance, you can say “I love you more than coffee”, ☕️ “I love you more than french fries”, 🍟 “I love you more than chocolate”, 🍫 and so on! If you love Star Wars, 👽 we dare you to say that you love her more than your favorite movie! She’ll certainly love that!

“I love doing life with you”

Life is like a roller coaster ride 🎢 - there are many ups and downs, and even more twists and turns. It’s therefore not an easy ride, but with the right person, it can surely be fun! 😊 Let your girlfriend know that you love navigating life with her 🧭 to show her how you appreciate the love, care, comfort, and support that she unconditionally gives you!

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is also a great Valentine message to send. 💌 Tell her that no matter how difficult your situation may be, you love doing life with her and are willing to go through the challenges to be with her.

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5 Valentine Messages for New Girlfriend 

Are you finally out of your single era and are now celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with your new girlfriend? 😄 We can only imagine your excitement! 🥰 Celebrating your first day of love as a couple can pose a lot of opportunities - you can plan different surprises that you both haven’t experienced yet and build tons of new memories! 😉

With the different options available, it can also get overwhelming to plan your first Valentine’s Day. Remember that what’s important at this early stage of your relationship is to bask in the joy of your first celebration 🙌 and create new memories together. 🌈

Let the butterflies in your stomach flutter freely 🦋 and be as romantic as you want! You can send flowers 🌻, prepare a sweet picnic date 🧺, or cook for your girlfriend. 🍳 It doesn’t have to be grand, but don’t forget to make the day unforgettable so that it can be something you both look back on in the future!

Don’t forget to write a romantic Valentine’s message for girlfriend on your first celebration! Here are some perfect messages to make your day sweeter: 🍦

  • I used to laugh at the effort other guys put in for Valentine’s Day, but now that I have you, I understand why we’d want to make our queens feel extra loved and special on this day. You make my life brighter and more exciting, and I want you to feel how much I appreciate you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! You gave a whole different meaning to this day, and I look forward to celebrating it every year with you. 💖 Love you!
  • Happy first Valentine’s Day to us! I can’t believe I finally get to say that you’re my Valentine this year (and in the years to come)! I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😍
  • Finally, cupid got you! 💘 Happy Valentine’s Day, love! I’ve been waiting to call you mine ever since I saw you, and look how lucky I am! Here’s to more memories and Valentine’s Days together!
  • It isn’t my birthday but God gave me the most special gift - being able to celebrate today with you! Happy Valentine’s Day to the greatest gift I received this year. 💞 Love you!

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Above, we covered almost every situation you may be in Valentine's Day this year. However, it may be not exactly what youre looking for. After all, each case is a case. And if you want to send your girlfriend an unique and special Valentines Day message this year, you must craft one for her, right?

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My dearest Naomi, 💕 Words cannot express the overwhelming love I have for you. Every moment spent with you is a treasure that fills my heart with indescribable joy. Your radiant smile and unwavering positivity never fail to brighten my days. You have a magical way of making everything better, even during the darkest times. Remember our dinner at candlelight in Prague? It was a moment frozen in time, where it felt like it was just you and me in the entire world. The way your eyes sparkled under the soft glow of those flickering flames is etched in my memory forever. It was a night filled with laughter, love, and pure bliss. Naomi, you are my everything. With every beat of my heart, I fall deeper in love with you. Your presence in my life has filled it with purpose and meaning. You make my world complete. 💖 - Yours forever, Bernard

Dear Julia ❤️, I hope this message finds you with a smile as bright as the sun ☀️. There's I need to tell you, something that my heart has been bursting to say... I love you. Yes, those three little words hold a world of emotions that run deep within me. From the day we first met, I knew there was something extraordinary about you. Your infectious laughter and quick wit have a magical way of lighting up my world ✨. Your strong personality is a beautiful balance of strength and tenderness, making my heart skip a beat every time I'm around you. The moments we spend together, whether it's those late nights after class sharing endless conversations or our adventurous weekends hiking and camping, create memories that I cherish with all my heart ❤️. There's a deep connection we share, a bond that grows stronger with each passing day. Julia, you've captured my heart like no one else ever has. You make me believe in the power of love, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My love for you knows no bounds, and I can't wait to continue this incredible journey together. - Yours forever and always, Carol 🌹❤️😘

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Final Thoughts

Ready to bring out the roses 🌹 and find the sweetest chocolates 🍫 for your girlfriend? With the tips and Valentine messages for girlfriend that we’ve shared above, you’re guaranteed to have the most wonderful day with the most wonderful woman of your life! 💞

If you want something unique but equally surprising, don’t forget to send a sweet Valentine message to your girlfriend through’s virtual gifts! 💌

Choose from virtual love letters, virtual hearts, or virtual Happy Valentine’s Day eCards, write your romantic message or choose from the ones we’ve shared 📝, upload a sweet photo of you together 📸, and instantly send your message anytime, anywhere! ⚡️ And for free!

You can send it as a Good Morning message for when she wakes up, as a DM in the middle of the day for a pop of sweetness, or even together with your surprise gift! 🎁