The Best and Sweetest Good Night Messages for Friends

It feels heartwarming to know that you are thought of and remembered by your friends 🫂, whether you see each other every day or haven’t been in contact for a while. Share the warmth and make them feel loved by sending them good night messages! 🌙

In a world that can be challenging, receiving random good night messages can lift your pals’ spirits and make them feel appreciated 🤩. They don’t have to be lengthy - just let them know that they passed your thoughts and wish them a peaceful and restful night. 😴

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Send Your Friends Good Night Messages 🌃

Has your workmate had a rough day at work? Send him an encouraging good night message to show your support! Are you excited about the outing you’re having with your friends the next day? Send them good night messages to let them know you’re excited to spend time with them! 🥳 Haven’t talked to your childhood friend in a while? Send her a good night message to catch up!

Sending night wishes to friends are a guaranteed way to let them know that you think of them. No matter how frequently you talk or spend time with each other, it’s always a great idea to wish your friends a restful night before they fall into slumber.

If you’re already close, sending good night messages is a certain way to make your bond stronger 🔗. On the other hand, if you rarely talk, good night messages can be a means to catch up with an old friend!

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If you are actually looking for romantic good night messages, we have a list of the 20 best Good Night messages for her!

Whether your friend is celebrating something or you just thought of them randomly, send night messages now to show your friends how special they are to you! 💞

How to wish good night to your friends 🌝

Wondering how to send your good night wishes to your buddies? With technology 🤓, you can send them through a lot of different channels! The most common ones are through SMS 📨 and social media 📢. When you wish them good night through these channels, they’re sure to see them right away. With social media direct messaging, you can even send cute photos and gifs! 😽

If you’re an aunt/uncle who likes things old school - try sending your good night messages via email! 📬 We can’t guarantee that the recipients will see them right when you intend them to (who checks their emails before going to sleep?), but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😅

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If you’re more of a millennial/gen Z by heart, we’re sure you’d want something unique and funny! We’ve got the best option for you. Virtual gifts are easy to make and are highly interactive so your friends will certainly have a lot of fun virtually unwrapping your messages! 🎁 offers various free virtual gifts that you can use to package your good night messages - from scratch-to-reveal gifts that your friends will have to virtually scratch, to virtual gift boxes that need to be virtually unwrapped like a gift, to virtual bubble wraps that can be virtually popped for a relaxing night!

Check them all out and let your friends have fun reading your good night wishes!

What is a cute way of saying good night? 🧸

If you want to keep your good night messages short but sweet 🍰, send your friends cute good night messages. Wish them good night and don’t forget to let them know that they’re in your thoughts.

If you follow them on social media and are quite updated about their lives, you can even add a short message about how thrilled you are about their social media updates 📲 to let them know that you support them even from afar!

Here are some ideas for your cute good night messages:

  • Hi! 👋 I know we haven’t seen each other in a while but I just want to congratulate you on your wedding! I wish your married life more blessings and love! Let’s catch up soon. Good night and sweet dreams!
  • Hey, just wanted to let you know that I thought of you when I passed by the pet shop today - I know how you love animals! Good night, sleep tight!

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Do you wish this friend was something more than a friend? 😉 Check the The Best Ways of Saying Good Night My Love.

What is the sweetest good night message? 🧁

For friends that you are much closer with, you might want to send sweet good night messages to let them know that you support them in all their endeavors.

For your closest comrades, be as sweet as you like! There’s nothing wrong with telling them how you feel since you already know each other inside out. You can also send sweet good night messages to the friend that you like - good night messages are definitely a great way to shoot your shot!

Here are some inspirations for the perfectly sweet good night messages:

  • Hey best friend! 💫 I know we were just together earlier and I’ve already mentioned this, but I’m just reiterating that I’m always here for you when you need me! Whatever you’re going through, I know that you're stronger than your problems. Good night - have a restful night! 😴😴😴
  • Hi crush… I mean friend! Just wanted to wish you a good night! Looking forward to seeing your warm smile again tomorrow at school. Sweet dreams!

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22 Good Night Messages to Friends 😊

When sending good night messages for your friends, it’s best to write from your heart. Be it your best friends or casual acquaintances, they are sure to appreciate sincere good night wishes.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some great good night messages that you can use.

Simple good night to friends 🍎

  • Good night, friends! Can’t wait to spend time with all of you this weekend!
  • Good night! May you have a restful night. I hope your dreams be filled with joy!

Sweet good night to friends 🍭

  • Whatever your day was like, I wish you get a peaceful evening while you fall asleep. 😴 Good night!
  • I know you have something big coming tomorrow. Hope you have a good night’s rest before the big day. I’m always cheering for you! Good night and sleep very well my friend!

Cute good night to friends 🐶

  • Good night! I hope your dreams are as sweet as you! 🧁
  • Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I thought of you today. Good night, sweet dreams!

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"Good night, best friend" messages 🏅

  • Good night, bestie! Thank you for cheering for me today - I really appreciate everything that you do. XOXO
  • Good night, soul sister! I’m always so blessed to have you in my life. See you soon!

Special good night messages for friends 🎩

  • Before the day ends, I just want you to know that you’re a special person in my life. May you have a good and restful night!
  • Thank you for making the world a brighter place ✨ with your love and friendship 💕. Good night dear friend!

"Good night, my friend" messages for a new friend 🐣

  • It was really nice meeting you! Hope to you see you soon - good night!
  • Hi! Just wanted to drop by to say good night! I had real fun spending time with you! 🙌

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Best heart touching good night messages for friends 💕

  • Thank you so much for your love, support, and friendship. I have gone through a lot with your help. Know that I’m also always here for you. 💪 Good night!
  • Good night! Always remember that the people who love you (including me!) are always cheering for you, day 🌞 and night 🌝. May you have a restful night.

Funny good night messages for friends 🤡

  • Where do skeletons go for a fun night out? 💀 Anywhere as long as it’s a hip joint! Hope you had a fun night even if you weren’t at a hip joint! Good night, sleep well!
  • Why does the owl turn off its phone at night? 🦉 So it doesn’t get any hooty calls! 🥁 I look forward to the day when you get your own “hooty” calls, but tonight, sleep is what you should get! Close your eyes and good night, bestie!

Good night prayer for friends 🙌

  • I pray that your days be full of blessings and your nights be full of the sweetest dreams. Good night my dear friend!
  • Good night! May the Lord turn all of your sweet nighttime dreams into reality. 🌟 God bless you and have a peaceful night!

Thoughtful good night messages for friends 😌

  • I was eating at our favorite restaurant tonight and I ordered our favorite nachos just for nostalgia’s sake. I miss you, my best friend - see you soonest! Good night!
  • Hey! I heard that you’re moving soon. Just wanted to send you my regards and well wishes. I know that you’ll do great wherever you go. If you ever find yourself lonely, I’m just a call away 🤙. Good night!

Inspirational good night for friends 🌈

  • Days are for fighting and grinding while nights are for chilling and resting. May you have a chill and restful night - good night! 🌟
  • Good night! Don’t be afraid to create castles in your dreams tonight. I’m always here to support you in building those castles and making them a reality!

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Good Night Poems for Friends

Did you know that you can also send good night messages in the form of poems? This may not be common, but it’s also a great way to let your friends feel extra special from time to time!

For your best and closest comrades, you may want to send them good night poems on special occasions - their birthdays, Christmas, New Year, or other events that they celebrate. Sending poems shows that you put in more effort and will make them feel loved and supported, even if you’re sending them from afar.

Convey your love for your friends through the following good night poems:

For more ideas on what poems to send your receivers, take a look at our posts:

How to Say "Good Night, My Friend" in Foreign Languages?

Good night my friend in French

"Bonne nuit mon amie" (female) or "Bonne nuit, mon ami" (male)

Looking for a unique good night message for your friends? Why not go international and send them a good night wish using the language of love? Try sending a French good night message to make them feel the love!

Good night my friend in Spanish

"Buenas noches mi amiga" (female) or "Buenas noches mi amigo" (male)

Did your friends like Money Heist? Go and show the Spanish skills you got by binging on this famous series by sending a good night in Spanish to your friends!

friends toasting with wine glasses at night exchanging good night, friends messages

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Good night my friend in Italian

"Buonanotte amica mia" (female) or "Buonanotte amico mio" (male)

For something more unique but still equally romantic-sounding, send your friends a good night in Italian! Don’t forget to share a hug and kiss while you’re at it!

Good night my friend in Arabic

ليلة سعيدة صديقي

(laylat saeidat sadiqi)

For your friends who love a bit of a challenge, why not send them a good night wish that will entice them to learn a new language? Send Arabic good night messages to your friends to encourage them to learn this beautiful language!

Good night my friend in Russian

"Спокойной ночи, мой друга" (female) or "Спокойной ночи, мой друг" (male)

(spokoynoy nochi, moia druga) or (spokoynoy nochi, moy drug)

Another challenging but fun language to learn is Russian! Try sending good night messages in Russian and impress your friends from all over the world!

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Final Thoughts

Good night friends messages are a great way to show your best friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that they are in your thoughts no matter the time of day 😊. With the messages we shared above, you can send good night wishes with different themes depending on your level of friendship with someone. You can even send poems or good night messages in foreign languages! 😃

Don’t forget to try’s virtual gift boxes that you can use to wrap your good night friends messages with. With’s highly interactive designs and fun unwrapping processes, your friends are certainly going to have a fun time before they take their good night’s rest!

Send free virtual gifts anytime, anywhere! 🎁🎁🎁