How To Kiss Someone For The First Time: Tips, Moves, Advice, and More

Kissing 😘 is one of the most common forms of intimacy, so it’s no wonder you’re looking to elevate your kissing game! 💏 Regardless if it’s your very first time 😳 to kiss, or it’s your first time sharing a kiss with a specific person, knowing how to kiss someone for the first time is an essential skill that can go a long way! 🌟

You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to kiss someone. 💋 From a simple peck 🐥 to a full-pledged intimate French kiss 😍, be in the know on the dos and don’ts of how to kiss for the first time with our handy guide 📚 to help you navigate your way without the awkwardness. 🚫 Read on for tips from preparing for your first kiss 💡 to what to do afterwards! 💖

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Kissing Someone for The First Time

A first kiss 💏 is a monumental milestone for any person. Whether you’re kissing someone for the first time or you’re preparing for your very first kiss 💋, you will surely remember this moment for a long time. ⏳ That’s why it’s perfectly normal to feel both excitement 😊 and nervousness 😬 and wonder how to kiss someone for the first time! After all, there’s another person involved and you don’t know how they will respond. 🤔

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There’s no need to worry 😌 about how to have your first kiss! With the right preparation 🤓 and mindset 🧠, your first kiss will definitely be special! ✨ Kissing is a form of expressing your emotions 💓, so the best way to do it is by feeling your way through it. 🥰 However, a little preparation surely won’t hurt! 🚫 Know how to have your first kiss by initiating and navigating your way through your first kiss with the guide we’ve prepared for you!

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How To Kiss Someone For The First Time

Have you been feeling a certain sexual tension 😏 that makes you think it’s time to take your relationship to the next level? Know how to prepare for your first kiss 💕, make the right moves to actually do it 💏, and follow up with sweet 🍯 and romantic actions 💖 by reading the tips we’ve gathered below! 👇

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Preparing for the kiss

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You think it’s time to do it - the first kiss 💋 you’ve been looking forward to. Whether you’re thinking of sharing your very first kiss with the guy you’re dating 💑, or you want to finally kiss your new girlfriend 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨, here are some tips to prepare you for that memorable first kiss! 🌟

  • Maintain good oral hygiene. 🦷 Kissing involves some mouth action, so it’s important to have good oral hygiene so that you’re always prepared to have your first kiss! Brush your teeth before meeting your partner 😁, and make sure to bring mints 🌿 that you can chew anytime!
  • Gauge the mood. 🕵️‍♂️ Wanting to kiss someone you have romantic feelings for is understandable. However, you can’t just initiate a kiss any time! First, check whether you’re in the right setting and mood. 🌹 If your boyfriend is immensely focused on a football game 🏈 and you start suddenly kissing him, he wouldn’t appreciate it as much as if you kissed him while walking home 🏠 from a date!

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How do you initiate a first kiss

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Now that you’re prepared, how do you actually initiate your first kiss? Read our tips below!

  • Ensure that the kiss is consensual. 💑 You now believe that you’re in the right setting. The next thing to check is whether the other person will consent to the kiss. Although it’s true that you won’t know unless you try, there can be signs that the other person is also waiting to make a move such as drawing closer to you 🧲, slightly touching you, looking at you in the eyes 👀, or other verbal cues expressing romance. If the other person seems to be avoiding contact, you may want to wait a bit more before initiating your first kiss 💭.
  • Take it slow. 🐢 A pro tip on how to have your first kiss: take it slow. A first kiss is like testing the waters, so you may want to avoid heated kisses and go for slow but romantic ones. A great kiss starts by looking at the other person in the eyes 💖, followed by cradling their face or touching their hand, slowly leaning towards them, and finally kissing them softly on the lips 💏.
  • Remember to be respectful. 🙇‍♂️ While you’re initiating your first kiss, the other person may already respond. If you’re lucky, they will accept your advances and you can proceed to enjoy your kiss! However, they may also reject your moves by pushing you away 🚫 or telling you they don’t want it. Whatever the response may be, be respectful and accept it. Remember, the other person doesn’t owe you anything! Just respect their decision and talk about how to move forward 🗣.

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The kissing 

couple kissing for the first time under the sun

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Now that you’re in the act, keep in mind these tips to have a great and memorable first kiss.

  • Start slow. 🐌 Just as you should start your advances slowly, it’s also advisable to start your first kiss slowly. Start by kissing the other person with closed lips 😚, savoring how your lips touch. After you feel that both of you have gained confidence and momentum, you can proceed to explore an open-mouthed kiss 😙, always taking into account how the other person is responding.
  • Go with the flow but be sensitive to the other person’s reactions. 🌊 Don’t overthink! Since a first kiss is an emotional journey, the experience will be more enjoyable if you allow your emotions to take over and go with the flow. However, it’s important that you strike a balance between allowing your feelings to lead your actions and being mindful of the other person’s reactions. Once you detect hesitation, it may be better to take a step back and talk to the other person about their feelings 💬.
  • Keep it short but sweet. 🍬 A first kiss doesn’t have to be long and fiery to be memorable! A short but romantic first kiss showing your affection for each other is one of the best you’ll ever experience.

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After the first kiss

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Your first kiss doesn’t end when the kiss stops! What you do after is just as important as all the preparation you did before the kiss! Here are some tips on how to end your first kiss romantically!

  • Check on the other person’s reactions/feelings. 🧐 It’s important that you check on your partner’s reactions before, during, and after the kiss by looking both at verbal and non-verbal cues. This way, you’ll know whether your feelings are aligned or not. Is the other person smiling and looking at you lovingly? 😍 Congratulations - you’ve just won their heart! Do they appear confused or aloof? ❓ Ask them how they feel. Whatever the response is, remember to be respectful and accept it openly.
  • Say sweet words after the kiss. 💬 Following up your first kiss with sweet and romantic words like “That was wonderful” or “I’d love to do that again” can elevate the romantic mood and ensure that the other person also knows what you’re thinking! Check out this list of things to say after a first kiss to level your relationship up! Don’t forget to pair these sweet words with sweet gestures like holding their hands 🤝 or sharing a hug 🤗!
  • Talk about your first kiss. 🗨 What, talk about the kiss?! Won’t that ruin the mood? No, it won’t! Talking about your kiss openly is not only respectful but is also a sign that you promote open communication 📢. Ensuring that you’re on the same page on where your relationship is going is important so that you won’t keep guessing what either of your actions mean. Also, sharing feedback about the kiss will help you stay on top of your kissing game so that your next kiss will be even better! 💕

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How To Have a Good First Kiss

How to kiss someone for the first time is not as difficult as you may think! Be mindful of the following tips to ensure you have a memorable and romantic first kiss!

Be present

Overthinking how to do your first kiss is understandable 🤔. After all, it’s a milestone that you’ll probably remember for a long time! However, when you’re in the act of kissing, remember to be present - feel how your lips touch theirs 💏, how their fragrance 🌹 is the only thing you can smell, and how time stops ⏳ as you’re holding them. Being present will make your first kiss one for the books! 📖

Be confident

As long as you feel that the mood is right and the other person is comfortable 😌, be confident in making the move and taking your kiss to the next level. This way, you get to express your romantic feelings without regrets! 💪

Be sensitive

As we’ve mentioned in the tips above, remember to be sensitive to the other person’s reactions so that you can respond appropriately to them. Do you feel that your partner wants to take the kiss up to a notch? It may be the time to show some tongue action 😜! Is your partner slightly pushing you away 🛑? Stop for a bit and discuss what they feel. Ensuring that both of you are comfortable is the best way to have an unforgettable first kiss. 💖

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3 Kissing Tips for First Kiss

Here are some last tips to help you have the best first kiss!

1. Touch them lovingly while kissing

Kissing is not only about the lips! Touching skin also plays an important role in making both of you feel each other more throughout the kiss 👫. For your first kiss, you can start by cradling their face or touching their shoulders to let them feel your presence more.

If you’re standing you can also touch their waist or back. Remember to be respectful ✋ and avoid moving your hands to other parts that may make them feel uncomfortable, especially during a first kiss!

2. Follow up with a sweet gesture

Kissing doesn’t end with the kiss! Don’t forget to give a warm smile 😊, share a tight hug 🤗, or utter sweet words after your first kiss! These will surely make the experience more romantic and will send butterflies rolling over their stomach! 🦋

3. Ensure that you’re comfortable

Throughout your first kiss, ensure that both of you are comfortable with what you’re doing 💕. If you feel that the kiss is taking a turn you’re uncomfortable with, feel free to voice it out to your partner 🗣️. In the same way, accept whatever their response is and adjust your style to keep both of you comfortable.

You can also share feedback to each other! Remember, the value of kissing lies in giving and receiving, so make sure that both of you like what you’re doing! 💌

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Final Thoughts

The first kiss is truly something worth remembering! 💭💋 It can be easy to overthink how to kiss someone for the first time, so we hope that the detailed tips we’ve shared above can help ease your mind and prepare you for the romantic experience! 🥰

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