What To Say After Kissing Someone For The First Time? 50 Things to Say After the First Kiss

It’s the love month, and Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. 👀 If you’re one of the lucky ones who will celebrate this day with someone 💕, congratulations! If you’re one of the luckier ones, you might even take the date to the next level and seal the night off with a kiss! 💋 If you’re one of the luckiest ones, this might even mark the first time you’ll kiss your partner! 🎆

If it is, you may be wondering what to say after kissing someone for the first time. That’s an extremely valid concern. 🤔 After all, the first kiss is something special for both of you! While you can send romantic first kiss quotes once you part ways, it’s also important to seal the deal by expressing your feelings immediately after the kiss! 💖

Read on for some tips on what to say after a first kiss to ignite the flame of your relationship. 🔥

kissing mouth through a wet glass for the first kiss with someone

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The Experience and What To Say After a First Kiss

The first kiss is a milestone 🗿 - it’s something you get to experience only once with your partner. It’s therefore a great way to seal it off romantically 💟 to ensure that you’re both on the same page in your relationship! 👈

While it can be an exhilarating experience, some awkwardness 😬 may still ensue after your first kiss. It’s natural so there’s no need to worry! 😌 To make up for the awkwardness, it’s a great idea to gather ideas on what to say after kissing someone for the first time! 💋

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If you loved the kiss, you should say so! 🙌 You can simply say, “I loved that.” Your partner is guaranteed to blush with those three words! If you want to continue kissing but are unsure if your partner feels the same way, you can ask, “Should we continue?” Not only is this extremely romantic, but it also shows your respect for their boundaries! 👌

couple kissing for the first time ready to say something after the kiss

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Keeping the atmosphere after a first kiss

To prolong the romantic feeling for both of you, you should also keep the atmosphere romantic after your first kiss! 💓 You can share a hug and say, “I’m glad you’re with me today/tonight.” 🤗 Hugging after kissing is a hugely sweet gesture 🥰 that your partner would surely love!

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You can also be a little naughty 😉 by saying, “That was wonderful! I would love to do that every day with you.” Your partner would surely feel the heat and romance ❤️‍🔥 with that one! Don’t be afraid to express your feelings in words. To avoid awkwardness and embarrassment, check out our list of what to say after a first kiss below!

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Consent and boundaries in the first kiss

Sharing a first kiss is definitely a romantic experience that’s sought after by many. However, it’s also important to remember that different people have different boundaries. ✋ While you may take your first kiss passionately, your partner may want something more discreet. 😗 It’s essential to understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like you - they just have a different way of expressing their feelings! 👈

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It’s thus important to learn what to say after kissing someone for the first time to ensure that you are still respecting their boundaries. If you feel that your partner is a bit more awkward 😣 during the kiss, you can ask, “Is this okay with you?” 🙋

Better yet, before you kiss them, you can already ask, “Is it okay if we kiss?” 🌺 These questions don’t make the moment less romantic - they may make it even more romantic because your partner would see that you respect them! 🌻

two men kissing for the first time after which they'll say something cute to each other

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50 Cute, Funny, and Romantic Things to Say After a First Kiss

If you want to be ready in case that romantic moment comes and are getting ideas on what to say after kissing someone for the first time, worry not! 🤩

We’ve compiled 50 things to say after a first kiss below!

  1. “I loved that.”
  2. “Should we continue?”
  3. “I’m glad you’re with me today/tonight.”
  4. “I’m glad I’m doing this with you.”
  5. “Wow. Just wow”
  6. “That was wonderful! I would love to do that every day with you.”
  7. “Is it okay with you if we do that again?”
  8. “I like you a lot.”
  9. “That was worth the wait.”
  10. “That was better than I imagined.”
  11. “You left me breathless.”
  12. “This electricity between is too much.”
  13. “That is just like how it is in the movies.”
  14. “Your lips are incredibly soft.”
  15. “This is leaving me speechless”
  16. “That may be one of the best kisses in the history of kisses.”
  17. “I hope you felt that connection too.”
  18. “You certainly know how to leave a lasting impact.”
  19. “I never knew a kiss could be so enchanting.”
  20. “That was incredibly sweet.”
  21. “I’m so ready to do that again.”
  22. “Our lips fit together perfectly.”
  23. “Our lips were made for each other.”
  24. “I’m eager to see where this journey leads.”
  25. “Your lips are irresistible.”
  26. “Kiss me anywhere you’d like.”
  27. “I’m certain my dreams will be sweeter tonight.”
  28. “That was such a good preview of what the future holds.”
  29. “That was flawless.”
  30. “I could do this all day.”
  31. “I’ll be replaying that kiss in my dreams tonight.”
  32. “That was a kiss that can move mountains.”
  33. “I believe we’re off to a fantastic start.”
  34. “Let’s not delay the next one.”
  35. “I’m glad we took this step.”
  36. “I’m so happy we finally kissed.”
  37. “I’ve been waiting for that.”
  38. “I’m on cloud nine right now.”
  39. “You’re an amazing kisser.”
  40. “Did you like that?”
  41. “Do you want me to continue?”
  42. “I hope you can feel my heart beating so fast.”
  43. "I'm already looking forward to the next one."
  44. “That’s what you call magic.”
  45. “Thank you for this unforgettable moment.”
  46. “The moment your lips touched mine, I knew it was the end game.”
  47. “Say you’ll kiss me every day.”
  48. “I love you.”
  49. “You make me want to kiss you every minute.”
  50. “We are perfect together.”

couple kissing under a shower of dried leafs ready to say something after the first kiss

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Tips for Progressing the Relationship After the First Kiss (If That's What You Want)

The first kiss 💋 is the mark of something promising in your relationship, so it’s important to nurture that romantic feeling and plan your next move from there. 🛫 Aside from expressing your feelings through the words we’ve shared above, don’t forget to also enjoy the moment just right after the first kiss! 🥰 We’re sure that it’s one of those exhilarating feelings that make your heart pound and your face flush - make sure to savor those feelings! 💖

Don’t forget to also observe your partner’s reaction to make sure that they’re comfortable with what happened. 👀 If you see that they’re also smiling and looking at you warmly, 😊 you can make the moment more romantic by saying, “I like you a lot” or even “I love you”! However, if you find that they’re a bit reluctant, you can ask, “Should we continue?” 💃

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couple in a warm hug after their first kiss

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Giving a long warm hug after a first kiss is also not uncommon! 🤗 Feeling your bodies come together and basking in each other’s warmth 🔥 is a great way to express your emotions without words.

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Just remember that just because you had your first kiss doesn’t mean that you can automatically move on to the next steps. 🐢 Take things slowly, enjoy the moment you’re in, and express your intentions clearly! ✨

A good way to express your intentions is by planning the future together. 🧑‍🚀 If you loved your first kiss and would definitely want to take things further, you can make arrangements to spend more time together. ⏱️ On the other hand, if both of you feel that you aren’t compatible after your first kiss, make sure to voice it out to manage both of your expectations. 🤷

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Final Thoughts

Your first kiss is one of the most exciting things that can happen in any relationship. 😘 It’s thus important to enjoy it and express your honest feelings about it with the other party. 🙋‍♀️

You don’t have to dig deep 🕳️ to know what to say after a first kiss 💋 - most of the time, the first words that come to mind after the experience are the most authentic! ✅ We hope that by sharing the messages above, you also got an idea of the best things to say after your first kiss! 💖

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Making sure that both of you move forward warmly 😍 after the first kiss doesn’t end with what you say immediately after. Don’t forget to follow up your experience with sweet first kiss quotes once you separate ways, good night messages to send them warmly to sleep 🌝, or even good morning messages for the day after! 🌞

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