What To Talk About on A First Date?

Congratulations, you’re going on your first date! 🎉 While first dates can be exciting and full of possibilities 🌟, they can also sometimes be tricky and even tedious. If it’s your first-ever date, you may be feeling nervous 😬. “What should we talk about?” If you’ve been going on quite a number of first dates with different people already, you may be wondering how long this would go on. “Why can’t I get a second date?” 🤔

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve prepared tips 📝 on what to talk about on a first date to help calm your nerves 😌 and increase your chances of a second date! Whether you’re going out on an official date with a friend, you’re meeting a girl you met online, or you’re having dinner with a guy set up by a mutual friend 🍽️, ease yourself into the date with the guide we’re sharing below! 😊

7 Things To Talk About On the First Date

Time: check! ⏰ Location: check! 📍 Outfit: check! 👗👔 All that’s left for your first date is for you to meet and have a nice conversation 💬 that can help you get to know each other better and hopefully land you a second date. 🌟

It would be a great idea to be ready with some topics to have your conversation flowing and keep each other interested. 🚀 Read on for some excellent topics that will allow you and your date to get to know each other without going overboard on your first date! 😄


The most common conversation starter is “What do you do during your free time?” 🕒 When you’re thinking of things to talk about on a first date, this is a good starter as it allows room for each of you to share your hobbies and passion. 🎨⚽ It can even trigger stories about each other’s experiences which can break the ice ❄️ and help you get more comfortable together. 😊 You don’t have to share anything special, even just saying that you love watching movies 🎬 can lead to other topics such as which movies you enjoy, which actors you love, etc. 🎥

Since this is such a common question during first dates, it’s pretty normal to bring it up any time on your date, especially when you encounter some dead air. 🌬️ Don’t be afraid to bring it up when you see fit - we’re sure your date would also appreciate this conversation! 👌

couple walking and dancing in their first date while talking about their favorite things

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Similarly, talking about your interests is also at the top of the list 🏆 on what to talk about on a first date as it’s a great way to get to know each other. 🤝 You can bring this up while you’re talking about your hobbies. For example, if your date says that she loves playing tennis 🎾 during her free time, you can ask about which teams she follows or if she watches live games. 📺

Talking about things that you like ♥️ is also a good way to gauge if you share similar interests. 📊 Liking the same things can make it easier for you to decide to have a second date together! 📅

Family and Childhood

When you’ve started the conversation and know a bit more about each other already, stories about your childhoods or families may crop up naturally. 🏡 Your date may say that he likes playing video games 🎮 with his brothers, or that she loves reading books 📚 because her grandma taught her when she was young. 👵

If you want to get to know more about your date’s family, for a start, you can ask how many siblings they have and let them go from there. 👍 Just remember not to pry too much if you feel that your date doesn’t want to share more details. 🚫 After all, family matters can sometimes be too private for some. 😊

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Favorite places

Another great conversation starter is sharing about your favorite places. 🌍 If you find out that both of you love traveling, you can ask what their favorite destinations are so far 🌴 and let them describe their experiences there. ✈️ It’s definitely one of the things to talk about on a first date as you can discover a lot about each other through the places you like. 🌟

Even if you’re not into traveling, you can share about places you like visiting - parks, museums, restaurants, or malls. 🏞️🏛️🍽️🛍️ Who knows? You might get an idea of where to go on your second date! 💡

couple seating in a low wall side by side in their first date talking about food and hobbies

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We love our pets! 🐾 You can ask your date if they have pets and if they do, they’d also sure love to share funny stories and even cute photos with you! 🐶📸 You can probably even schedule a second date with your pets and just have a walk around the park. 🌳🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️


While we want to leave our work behind as much as possible during first dates, you can’t deny that it’s also a good conversation starter. 💼 Asking your date what they do can trigger a series of more interesting questions like what they wanted to be when they were little 🌟, what aspect of their work they like, or where they usually hang out after work. 🍹

If you’re thinking of what to talk about on a first date, remember that you can find out a lot about another person by how they talk about their work. 🗣️ Maybe you can even find passions and values that both of you share. 💖✨

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Favorite food

It’s often said that food 🍔 brings people together - and for good reason! Talking about your favorite food during your first date can break the ice ❄️ and help each of you get to know the other’s preferences. You can also easily slip this topic into the conversation 🗨️ once you’ve ordered your food as a way to know what your date likes!

Talking about your favorite food can lead to talking about your favorite restaurants 🥂 and places. It can also help set up your second date 🍽️, if you’re lucky! 🍀

Follow this structure for each of the topics in this article. Do not go overboard, or else the article will be too long as we want to list as many topics as possible.

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Tips For Making Conversation on a First Date

First dates can be awkward 😅, especially if you’re meeting someone in person for the first time. It’s good to know what to talk about on a first date, but it’s better to know how to keep the conversation going once you’ve started.

We’ve got a few tips 💡 that can help you avoid the awkwardness and make your conversations more natural and engaging! 🗣️✨

  • Be on time ⏰. When you’ve set your date, remember to be punctual and arrive before your agreed time. This shows respect for your date’s time and can be a good sign that you’re keen to meet them.
  • Compliment your date to make them feel appreciated. Once you’ve met, sharing simple compliments to break the ice is a great idea. You can start by complimenting her dress 👗 or by thanking him for being early 🕰️.
  • Prepare some topics or questions in advance but be flexible. Preparing things to talk about on a first date is a great idea to start your conversation 💬. Remember, though, to not rely on these 100% and be open to wherever your conversation may go.
  • Ask open-ended questions instead of yes/no questions. When you’ve finally started talking, keep the conversation open by asking what, where, or how questions instead of just a simple back-and-forth yes-or-no’s ❓.
  • Listen actively and show genuine interest. Look into your date’s eyes 👀 when they’re talking and show that you’re listening by nodding or making short comments that show your interest.
  • Use body language to show engagement. Facing your date when they’re talking is a great sign that you’re paying attention to them. Avoid looking at your phone 📱 or fidgeting as these may show that you’re bored or uninterested.
  • Share personal stories but don't dominate the conversation. Your date would appreciate your sharing your experiences and stories 🗣️ as this will help you get to know each other. However, don’t forget to also ask your date questions from time to time so that you don’t dominate the whole conversation and appear full of yourself.
  • Use humor appropriately to lighten the mood. Everybody appreciates humor! 😂 Feel free to crack jokes to lighten the air and keep each other comfortable.
  • Avoid controversial topics like politics or religion 🛑. During your first date, it’s best to avoid controversial topics that might spark debates and disagreements. Keep those for your next dates when you’re ready to get to know each other deeper!
  • Respect short silences. It’s normal to want to keep the conversation non-stop, especially during your first date 🙊. However, remember that short periods of silence are also important. Give your date some time to digest the conversation before you get to the next topic you have in mind.
  • Don’t feel pressured to get a second date. Whether you’ve been dating for a while or are new to this scene, you may feel pressured to prove yourself worthy of a second date during your first date. This is normal, but it’s best to just relax and let the date take its course 😊. Be natural and don’t force anything. After all, you wouldn’t want a second date with someone you just forced your connection with!
  • Be yourself. This may be the most cliché tip, but it’s also the most important. Don’t pretend to be someone else just to have your date like you 💛. Relationships should be built on authenticity. You also wouldn’t want to date someone who’s just pretending, right?

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Having a Natural, Seamless First Date

It’s okay for your first date to be a bit awkward 😅. After all, you’re going out on a potentially romantic day/night 🌙💕 for the first time! However, there are some things that you can do to make your date more comfortable and natural for both parties.

Remember to be open to where your conversation leads 🗣️, stay interested in what your date has to say, and be yourself! Here are other tips to help you navigate your first date 🚀.

How to keep a conversation going on a first date?

Conversations are important for your first date as they give you an idea of who the other person is and if you want to go on another date with them 🎉. It also helps get both of you comfortable and less awkward. While keeping the conversation going may seem difficult, it’s just a matter of finding a common ground of what both of you like talking about 🗣️.

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When you’re talking to your date, remember to use your body language to show genuine interest in their preferences and passions. If you find similar interests, feel free to mention it! Share relatable experiences depending on what they’re saying, but try to avoid making the conversation all about you 🙅‍♂️. By doing this, you can eventually find something you both like and can expand on these to keep your conversation going! 🎈

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What kind of things do you talk about on a first date?

Knowing the right things to talk about on a first date is important in setting the tone for a relaxing, enjoyable, and natural date 🌟. Since it’s your first date, it’s best to stick to getting-to-know topics and avoid controversial subjects such as politics, religion, and other things that may induce debates.

Feel free to talk about your hobbies and interests, childhood experiences, families, work, and other things that can help both of you know each other’s preferences 👫. Navigate towards conversations that can also help set up your next date such as your favorite food 🍕 or favorite hang-out spots 🌍.

How do I stop awkward silences on a date?

Awkward silences are unavoidable in any conversation, be it with family, friends, partners, or dates - and it’s okay! 😅 It’s not the end of the world if you stumble upon an awkward silence during your first date. In fact, it’s okay to embrace it as a time to get yourself together and see how the date is going! 😊

However, don’t keep silences too long! When you encounter an awkward silence, you can ask a new question to begin a new topic, make a lighthearted observation of anything interesting around you, or even share a funny memory you “just remembered” 😂. Be easygoing so that both of you can feel comfortable without feeling pressured. 🌈

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Final Thoughts

A first date is a good chance for you to get to know someone you can potentially have a romantic relationship with 🌹. It’s normal to feel pressured to prove yourself during the first date, but remember to take it as a chance to know your date better and see if they’re someone you want to spend more time with ⏳.

If it ends with a second date, great! If not, at least you already found out early on! Make your first date a light and natural one by taking note of the tips we’ve shared on what to talk about on a first date 💡. Keep possible conversation topics in mind, but remember to be open to wherever the conversation may lead so that you can get to know each other better! 💬

Once you’re done with your first date, feel free to send Gifft.me’s virtual gifts to your date 🎁 to show your appreciation! If you’ve set a second date, tell them that you’re excited to see them again through Gifft.me’s virtual gift boxes 📦!

If you’ve called it quits, thank them for their time and wish them well through Gifft.me’s virtual postcards! 🌟