How To Kiss a Guy for The First Time

You’ve been dating this guy for a while now, and you really like him 😍. You want to take your relationship to the next level and maybe share a sweet kiss 💋, but it’s taking him long to make the first move. Luckily, we’re past the era of girls waiting for guys to make the move! If you feel that it’s the right time, feel free to express yourself and lean in for that first kiss 💏 with the guy you like.

We’re here to help you with the dos and don’ts of kissing a guy for the first time! Whether it’s your first ever kiss 😘 with a guy or you’re just hesitating to make the first move, read through our handy guide 📘 on how to kiss a guy for the first time to initiate a memorable and romantic experience with your guy! 🌟

How to Kiss a Guy Well For the First Time

1. Prepare Yourself 🧼🪥

Good hygiene is a must, especially if you’re aiming for your first kiss 💋 with a guy! Ensure to brush your teeth before meeting him and bring mints wherever you go to keep your breath fresh. If you can, avoid food 🍕 with a smell that can linger in your mouth, like garlic and onion 🧄🧅.

Having good hygiene can also help boost your confidence, which is important in kissing a guy well. Confidence is attractive and being sure of yourself can definitely help make the kiss a lot more romantic and memorable. 😊✨

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2. Choose the Right Setting 🌅

The setting contributes a lot to making the mood more romantic, which is what you want when you kiss a guy for the first time. If you’re on a date, wait until you’re in a private setting 🌙, preferably with no one else nearby, before you initiate the kiss. This would make your first kiss less awkward and more romantic since it’s only the two of you.

It’s better if you can find a place that has dim lights, such as a park at night 🌌, a semi-private area of a bar or restaurant 🍷, or even inside the car 🚗. Ambiance and lighting can help make the mood more intimate ❤️ and will make it easier for you to kiss a guy for the first time.

hands held to build intimacy for the first time to kiss a guy

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3. Build Physical Intimacy 💞

Building up the mood not only includes the setting but also the circumstances. Before you initiate the kiss, build physical intimacy - gently brush your hands while walking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️, nudge his arm when you laugh 😂, and be sure to look at him in the eyes 👀 when you talk.

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Being more physically close before the kiss will break the touch barrier and help you initiate your first kiss more easily.

4. Gauge His Interest 💓

By building physical intimacy, you can also gauge the guy’s interest in you and see if he’s ready to have your first kiss. Watch out for his body language 🕵️‍♂️ - see if he maintains physical contact when you brush your hand against his or if he holds you in his gaze for long periods of time ⏳.

These may signify that he’s also ready for a proper first kiss and is just too shy to initiate the first move! You can also flirt a little by tucking your hair behind your ear 💁‍♀️, looking at his lips when he talks 👄, or biting your lip slightly to see how he reacts. If he returns the gestures, it may be a sign to go to the next step!

woman gauging a guy's interest leaning for the first kiss with him

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5. Initiate the Kiss 💏

When you feel that you’re both ready and the mood is set, start your first kiss with a guy by slowly leaning in closer, looking at his lips before closing your eyes 😌, and gently touching your lips to his. For your first ever kiss with a guy, you can start with your mouth closed and just maintain a soft but sweet kiss.

Feel free to move your lips and head to a more comfortable position as you kiss, and don’t be afraid to move slightly away if you feel that something is bothering either of you. Remember that a good first kiss is something that you are both comfortable with! 🌟

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kissing a guy for the first time initiating the kiss

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6. Technique, Language, and Touch 👐

The best way to make your first kiss with a guy an enjoyable experience is to relax as your lips touch. It’s easy to be giddy, excited, or even nervous 😅 when kissing a guy for the first time, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment so that your kiss can be more natural 🌼. Start by kissing his lower lips gently and tilting your head to one side to avoid your nose from bumping into his.

Move closer as you hold your kiss longer, and don’t be afraid to use your hands 👐 to make the experience more intimate. You can touch his arm or shoulder, or even place your arms around his neck. Gently ruffle through his hair and pull him closer. Don’t forget that kissing a guy properly for the first time isn’t just about the lips - it’s about the full experience! 🌺

7. Enhancing the Kiss 🌟

If you’re both comfortable with it, you can enhance your kiss and turn it into a hot make-out experience 🔥 by going in more passionately, with your mouths a little open. For more intimacy, you can also move your hands to touch his chest or neck. Once you feel like upping your kissing game 🎮, you can also use small tongue ✌️ actions like lightly teasing his lips with the tip of your tongue 👅 when you pull away.

However, you may want to save the full-on French kissing 💌 for later and stay at a make-out level for your first kiss. Teasing can help keep both of you wanting more and is great to ensure that you have something to look forward to next time! 🌸

kissing a guy for the first time in the beach during the sunset enhancing the kiss technique

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What To Do After Kissing a Guy For The First Time?

Immediate After-Kiss Actions

After your first kiss 💏, maintain the romantic mood by smiling sweetly 😊 as you slowly pull away. You can also hold his gaze 👀 for a few seconds before saying something like “That was good.” or “I liked that.” Feel free to maintain intimacy even after the kiss by sharing a tight hug 🤗 or holding hands 🙌 as you walk on. Now that you’ve taken the next step in your relationship, you can be more comfortable expressing your feelings through more intimate gestures! 💕

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Post-Kiss Etiquette

Once you’ve finished your first kiss 💋, either of you may be tempted to follow up with another, usually more intense 😘, kiss. Feel free to do that if you’re both comfortable with it! Remember that being intimate entails respect, so make sure that both of you are agreeing only to what you’re comfortable with.

If he initiates an intimate move that you’re not comfortable with 🚫, you can always politely decline and say that it’s not something you want to do just yet. Having clear boundaries early on will also help both of you know each other’s intimacy language 🗣️ which can make your relationship healthier.

Your first ever kiss with a guy is definitely exciting news! 🎉 Although you may be tempted to immediately share it with others 📞, don’t be a kiss-and-tell and let everyone know! You can share with a few of your close friends 👫, but keep it to a minimum to avoid the prying eyes 👀 of others!

after kissing a guy for the first time following post-kiss etiquete taking a selfie with him

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Read His Reaction

You can expect different reactions after kissing a guy for the first time. Don’t forget to gauge his reaction 📊 after your first kiss and ensure that both of you are comfortable with what transpired. Don’t be afraid to ask how he found the kiss - this would help both of you know what your preferences are!

You’ll see if he liked your first kiss if he maintains physical contact 🤲, such as hugging you, holding your face or arm, or just staying close. He’ll also maintain eye contact and may share a smile 😊. If his reaction is positive 👍, good for you! You’ve taken the next step boldly and now, you can anticipate more heart-fluttering moments 💓 like this!

On the other hand, if you see that his reaction is not as you expected, don’t take it too personally! 😢 It may be that he has other preferences which weren’t satisfied by your first kiss, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end! 📅 You can always try again, making sure to get to know each other better so that you can both have an enjoyable experience next time.

Deciding What’s Next

Depending on his reaction, you can decide on what to do next. If you’re both feeling the need to be more intimate, you can continue kissing or even just cuddling for a while 🛋️. Since you’ve also shared your first kiss, you can now also engage in conversation about more intimate topics. 🗨️

If you feel the need to talk about your first kiss, feel free to do so. Discuss what you or he didn’t like so that you both would know what to work on for your next kiss. There is much to discover when it comes to kissing a guy 👦, so it’s always a great idea to know what he thinks 💭 so that you can improve on your kissing game! 😘

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More About Kissing a Boy For the First Time

How do you give a guy a good first kiss? 😘

How to kiss a guy for the first time can be tricky and even daunting. There are a lot of tips available online 🧐 and it can get overwhelming trying to remember them all while also trying to have a good time! 😅

Before you kiss a guy for the first time, make sure to maintain good personal hygiene 🪥 and find a setting that has a romantic vibe 🌹 to set the mood right. While kissing him, keep in mind that kissing is an intimate act and mutual respect is important 💑. Engage in physical contact that you are both comfortable with to keep the experience enjoyable. Lastly, don’t think about the kiss too much - let your feelings lead you ❤️ so that you can have a memorable first kiss!

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Where should I kiss him for the first time? 💋

It’s best to kiss on the lips if you’re kissing a guy for the first time - not only is it the most common for romantic kisses but it’s also where you can experience the satisfaction of his kiss in return 💏.

Depending on where you are in your relationship, you can also kiss him on other places of his face or body 😊. For something sweeter but less intimate, you can also kiss him on the cheek or the forehead. These are perfect if you’re just starting out and are still gauging your readiness for more intimate kisses 😘. If you’re in the latter stages of your relationship, you can alternate kissing him on the lips, the ear, and the neck. These places can make him feel hotter 🔥 and make the mood more intimate.

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How to give him butterflies while kissing? 🦋

Once you’ve passed your first kiss with a guy, it’s time to think of how you can make the experience more exhilarating! 😍 There are several ways to make both of you feel the heat and make your hearts flutter! 💞 You can opt to enhance your kiss by using passionate open-mouthed French kisses 👄. You can also kiss him on the neck trailing down to his chest 💑.

Remember that body language is also important, so don’t forget to use your hands! ✋ Touch his arm, then his chest, before moving your arms around his neck. Gently brush your fingers upward from his neck to his hair - this will definitely make him feel butterflies in his stomach! 🦋

For an enjoyable intimate experience with your guy, don’t be afraid to let the moment lead you! 🌟 Your chemistry and connection can dictate whether your kiss will be intense or sweet 💕, and however you want your bodies to tangle together as you kiss! 😘

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Final Thoughts

Kissing a guy properly for the first time doesn’t have to be scary! 😅 Feel empowered and confident to shoot your shot with the tips we’ve shared on how to kiss a guy well for the first time! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time ever to kiss a guy 💏 - just be yourself and let your emotions take you to an enjoyable first kiss experience! 💓

Don’t forget to practice post-kiss etiquette! 😊 Engage in conversation 💬, maintain physical contact 🤝, and exchange sweet words after your kiss. Once you’ve parted ways, feel free to thank him for the time you spent together! You can send an SMS 📱 or DM, or makse use of’s free virtual gifts! 🎁 Write your sweet message on’s virtual hearts ❤️ and generate the link 🔗 that you can send to your guy in an instant! 🚀 Don’t forget to tell him that you’re excited to see him again! 🥰