Kissing on First Date: Should You Do It or Not?

Should you kiss on your first date? 💋

It’s normal to wonder if kissing on the first date should be done, especially if you’re going on your first date with someone soon. While opinions on the matter could differ, the consensus is pretty clear - it entirely depends on the situation and your chemistry! 🌟

Although it’s a perfectly valid concern, thinking about whether you should share a kiss on the first date or not shouldn’t occupy your thoughts throughout the date. A first kiss 👄 is an intimate move which is usually guided by the circumstances of your date and your comfort level with each other. It should come naturally, and you’ll probably know whether it’s the right timing or not. 💞

Read on 📖 for some tips on how to determine whether you should kiss or not on the first date! 😘

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

Your first date is coming up, and you’re wondering whether you should end the potentially romantic day on an intimate note and share a first kiss. 😘 While this may have been a huge no-no in the past, kissing on a first date is perfectly acceptable now as long as you do it with respect! 🤗

If you’re thinking if it would be okay for you to kiss on your first date, the answer is simple - it highly depends on how the date goes! 🌟 You wouldn’t want to kiss someone you don’t like just because the internet tells you to kiss on the first date! However, if you find that you and your date have great chemistry and you share a moment of connection during your first date, feel free to let your instincts take over and kiss them to express your feelings! 💑

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The important thing is to remember that when taking the initiative to do something intimate, always be respectful and consider both of your comfort levels. If you want to kiss your date but notice that they act hesitant, it might be best to save the kiss for another time. If you see that they are also leaning a bit closer and allowing your skin to touch more, it might be the perfect timing to end your date with a sweet peck! 💕

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Kiss on the first date: to do or not to do? 🤔

Different cultures and generations have different takes on intimate acts. If you ask someone who comes from a very conservative background if kissing at the first date is okay, you might receive a resounding no. However, with the world becoming more open to public displays of intimacy, more people are now open to kissing the first time they go out with someone new, especially if the situation calls for it. 🌍💏

One thing’s for sure - you will know if you should kiss on your first date! 🌈 It’s not something you have to think about during your whole date. When the timing is right, you’ll feel the butterflies 🦋 and you’ll want to kiss your date. So, get out, enjoy your time with your date, and let the moment take you to your first kiss (or not)! 🌟

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How to make up your mind about kissing on the first date?

Rigid dating rules are a thing of the past, including kissing on the first date! 😘 That being said, respect is the ultimate determinant of any intimate act.

Whether you go for the route of kissing on the first date or not, always be respectful of your and your date’s boundaries so that both of you can have a great time. 😊

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Knowing if a kiss on the first date is called for or not can come with experience. 🌟 Here are some factors you can consider in deciding whether to pursue it or not:

  • Assess your chemistry by looking at the signs. 🧲 If your conversation flows naturally, you share a lot of common interests, and you’re comfortable touching each other and sometimes even initiate touching skin, these may be good signs that you have chemistry and may be a little more intimate on the first date. 💕
  • Make sure you’re in the right setting. You may feel more comfortable sharing a first kiss in a more private setting. 🕯️ If you’re in a packed restaurant or somewhere with a lot of people nearby, you may want to hold off for the time being. 👫
  • Always be mindful of your boundaries. 🚦 You’ll get an idea if your date also wants to share a kiss if they maintain eye contact, initiate physical touch, and consistently flirt with you. However, if you want to be sure before you kiss them, you can always ask! 😉 Consent is important, and asking for it is always welcome. 🙌

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Benefits of kissing at first date

Kissing on the first date 💋 has its benefits! Kissing is an expression of your feelings, and sharing a kiss on your first date can add a lot of excitement for your future romance 💖 with your date. Although future dates are not guaranteed just because you kissed on your first date, it’s a huge sign of interest. Plus, if you kiss well, you can make a lasting impression 🌟 on your date!

A kiss in the first date can also help gauge your physical chemistry. You might have emotional and intellectual chemistry based on your conversations, but you can only determine your physical chemistry through some form of intimacy ❤️. You can know early on whether you have good physical chemistry if you share a kiss 😘 on the first date. If you find out that your first kiss is a bit awkward, you can already start working on getting to know each other’s interests early on!

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More Questions About Kissing at First Date

How people display intimacy, including willingness to kiss 😘 on a first date, depends a lot on culture, background, societal norms, and the situation that they may find themselves in. Below, we answer some common questions ❓ that may be on your mind regarding sharing a kiss 💋 on the first date.

Is kissing on a first date normal?

“Normal” is a vague term when used in this context 🤔. We can say that kissing on a first date 💑 is a lot more “normal” nowadays than it was a hundred years ago, just because expressing their feelings through intimacy early on is more widely acceptable now.

Kissing 🥰 on a first date still ultimately depends on how comfortable you and your date are with intimacy, how the date is going, and your chemistry with each other 💘. If you feel like ending your first date with a kiss 💋 is called for, don’t hesitate to make a move! Just remember to do so only when both of you are comfortable with it 🤗.

Do guys like kissing on the first date?

While intimacy preferences are not necessarily reliant on gender, generally, more guys are willing to kiss on the first date than girls 💑. A lot of it has to do with societal norms where men are encouraged to “get the girl” early on 🌟. However, some guys may still shy away from kissing on the first date, and that’s perfectly normal too!

Don’t forget that kissing preferences vary per person 👩‍❤️‍👨, and it’s best to gauge your date’s comfort level before initiating something intimate like a kiss on the first date! 💋

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Do girls like kissing on the first date?

Because society encourages girls to be more prim and proper 👸, kissing on the first date is a huge no-no for girls lest they be labeled as “easy” 🚫. While this thinking is outdated, you can’t deny that it’s been ingrained in society. So it’s no surprise if girls are more likely to save their first kiss for the next dates 💐.

Again, it hugely depends on the person’s preferences and comfort 🤔. Some girls still like being intimate early on so that they can gauge their chemistry with their dates 💫. If you’re not sure if you should kiss on the first date 🤷‍♂️, you can most definitely ask for consent! ✅

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How long should a first date kiss last?

Now that you’ve decided to smooch in the first date 💑, how long is an acceptable first date kiss?

As with the tips above, there is no set rule on how long a kiss on a first date should be 🤷‍♀️. However, it might be best to keep it short but sweet 😘, especially since you’re just getting to know your potential romantic partner.

However, if you have oozing chemistry 🔥 and you feel that the situation calls for it, feel free to extend your kiss to however long you feel appropriate! 😘💋 Remember to read the signs such as the mood, body language, and comfort level of your date to ensure that you are still respectful of their boundaries 😊.

How many dates before kissing on lips?

There are a lot of factors to take into account when starting to be intimate with someone 💕 such as your and their preferences and background, your chemistry with each other 🌟, and how your relationship is progressing. We recommend to always be mindful of these things to help you gauge whether both of you are ready to share your first kiss 😘.

There’s no rule on how many dates you need to wait for before initiating a first kiss, so don’t let this question take up your mind 🤔. Enjoy your dates 😄 and when you feel that the timing is right and both of you are ready, you can initiate your first kiss! 💋

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Final Thoughts

Kissing 💋 on the first date hugely depends on your and your date’s backgrounds and preferences, your chemistry with each other, the mood 🕯️ and the setting 🌆 of the date, and a lot more. As such, knowing if you should share a kiss on the first date should come from your assessment of how your date is going and your and your date’s comfort level 😊.

If you feel that you’re both still shy 😳 and are still getting to know each other at the end of your date, you might want to save more intimate advances for the future 🚀. However, if you’re having a blast 🎉 with your date and you’ve built such great rapport that you feel like you have to initiate intimacy before the day ends 🌅, you can go ahead and share a kiss as long as you’re both ready for it!

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