Explore the New AI Prayer Generator by Gifft.me: Create AI Prayers for All Religions!

They say that praying 🙏 for someone is a different kind of love💗. Praying for blessings 🎁, good health💪, success🏆, and happiness 😁 for someone, knowing that that person doesn’t know you’re praying for them, is a sign of selfless love that doesn’t wait for anything in return.

If you’re not used to praying, don’t worry - technology now has an answer for you! 😄 Did you know that there is now a Prayer AI Generator that can help you craft prayers even if you don’t know what to say? 😲

There are Congratulatory, Thank You Letter, and Joke AI generators for those who can’t find the right words😵‍💫, so why not have an AI generator for prayers as well? 🤔After all, not everyone knows how to pray!

With Gifft.me’s very own Olivia 💁‍♀️, you can craft AI-generated prayers to show your love for your family, friends, and other loved ones!

If youre ready, check our AI message generator right now!

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Presenting the AI Prayer Generator

Not everyone knows or is comfortable with praying 😟, and that’s okay! People come from different backgrounds, so there’s no need to force something you’re not used to doing. However, if you want to start trying, that’s when the power of Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator can help you!👍

With the Prayer AI Generator, whom you can call Olivia 💁‍♀️, you can simply input whom you want to pray for and what you want to pray about, and Olivia will take the reins to write the perfect AI-generated prayer 👩‍💻 that covers your pure and sweet intentions. 💕 Want to pray for your dad’s good health? You can use the AI generator to do just that! Are you having a big presentation soon and want to ask for guidance? 😨 Try writing an AI-generated prayer to use for your prayers! 🙏

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The AI generator is perfect if you’re just trying to start praying, if you haven’t prayed in a long time, or if you just can’t find the right words 😕 to say in your prayer! Feel free to use Gifft.me’s AI generator to generate prayers that you can use to pray on your own 🙏, to offer as special intentions 😇, or even to send to your loved ones! 📨

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A Brief Overview on Using Gifft.me's AI Prayer Generator

Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator is very intuitive - you will just have to answer a few questions ✍🏻 and you can let Olivia 💁‍♀️ do the rest! Don’t worry, these questions are simple! 😉 You can even answer in phrases or bullet points 📋- just make sure that you write everything you want to be included in the prayer so that Olivia 💁‍♀️ can craft the perfect AI-generated prayer.

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The best part about this Prayer AI Generator is that there are a lot of religions available! Different religions have different forms of prayer, so Gifft.me made sure that everyone can craft their AI-generated prayer according to their preference.

man praying seated in the floor in a dark room from the ai prayer generator

What are you waiting for? Read on for the step-by-step guide to learn more about how to use Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator. 🤓

The AI Prayer Generator: Step by Step

First, visit the AI message generator main page. Don’t forget to say hi to Olivia 💁‍♀️! Click “Get Started” 🟢 to begin the magic! 🪄

Olivia wish ai generator main page and main green CTA

You will see all of the messages that Olivia 💁‍♀️ can help you with.

What do you want to write page from wish.gifft.me generator

Click 🙏 “Prayer”.

Prayer ai generator in the list of use cases from wish.gifft.me

The first step is to answer the guide questions. For these, remember that Olivia can only craft a message based on your inputs, so try to be as detailed as you can. 🧐

empty form from the prayer ai generator at gifft.me

First, write for whom the prayer is. ✍️ Fill the “For” and the “Who's name is fields”. The former is supposed to tell your relationship with the person (whether they're your father, mother, boyfriend etc.). The latter is the actual name of the person wholl get the ai-generated prayer.

ai prayer generator form flow step 1

Write what religion you want your prayer to emulate, what you want to pray for, and what other details you want to include.

Our AI generator offers the following options of religions: Pastafarianism, Rastafarianism, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. However, you're not restricted to these ones 👈 (they're just the most populars). You can write any religion you want in the form and the AI generator will emulate it in the prayer. 👍

You can include as many intentions as you want in the Prayer type field. We offer the options Blessing, Strenght, Healing, Gratitude, Protection, and Peace to give you some inspiration.

prayer type field in the prayer ai generator with options

If you want to pray for your Buddhist best friend’s peace at home and at work, you can enumerate the following under “More details about it”: peace of mind 🧘, less stress at work 😖, harmonious relationship with family 👨‍👩‍👧, and a full heart.❤️

step 1 of the ai prayer generator with last fields filled with example prayer

While Gifft.me respects all traditional religions and provides an option to choose any of them, we also included something less serious but an altogether evolving religion in case you want to spice things up🪄 and spread lightheartedness to your loved ones.

Try choosing “Pastafarianism”, a parodic new religious movement that has a deity called the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 🍝 Try it out to see how it differs from the other traditional religions! 😁

Once you’re happy with your answers, click “Next”. ⏭️

In the next step, you will see the prompt❕generated from your answers under the “Message properties ⚙️“ step:

message properties form with the example prompt displayed in the screen

The prompt is generally a consolidation of your answers. Feel free to check if everything is as you wish. 🧐 If you want to edit something, don’t hesitate to click “Edit prompt” to manually edit the prompt, or “Back” to go back 🔙 to the previous page and edit your answers.

Then, choose a mood for your prayer. 😇🥹😌 You can choose “Friendly” or “Happy” for more positivity, or choose “Funny” 🤪 for added jokes to your prayers. Don’t worry, it won’t sacrifice the solemnity of your prayer!

empty form in the message properties at the ai prayer generator

Choose the message length, the literary form, and the number of emojis to be included in your prayer.

message properties form at the ai prayer generator with example details

Then, click “Generate Prayer” to let Olivia 💁‍♀️ do her magic.🪄

You’ll immediately see Olivia 💁‍♀️ typing away 👩‍💻 your AI-generated prayer based on the specifications you chose. Read the prayer carefully to see if it’s just how you want it to be. 🧐

your message is ready screen with example prayer generated by the ai tool

If you want to view alternatives of the same prayer, feel free to click on the numbers below the prayer. Just remember that you can only generate 10 AI messages in total, and clicking on each alternative equates to generating 1 message!

Your message is ready alternative screen with second example prayer made by our AI tool

Did you find something missing? 🤔 Don’t worry, you can go back to the previous page 🔙 by clicking “Edit prompt”! This will allow you to edit the prompt to generate a prayer that suits you better. You can even click “Generate new message” if you think that a prayer isn’t what you need at the moment.

If you find that the AI-generated prayer is just perfect ✨, easily send it to your family and friends 💌 by clicking on “Copy text”. You can paste the prayer to your email 📨, SMS 🤳, or DM 🖁 and send it over the internet in just a few clicks! You can even paste the prayer into your Notes app if you want to use it for your own intentions later on!

For something more thoughtful and fun, send your prayer to your loved ones using Gifft.me’s virtual gifts! 🎁 🎀 📦 By clicking “Send as virtual gift”, you will be directed to Gifft.me’s range of virtual gifts that you can use to wrap your AI-generated prayer with before sending it!

bottom part of the last step in the ai prayer generator tool with the buttons Copy Text and Send as Virtual Gift

There’s no need to worry about not knowing how to pray with Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator! The last thing you need to do is read over our tips below so that you can create your AI-generated prayer in a breeze!💨

Some Best Practices to Get the Best Prayers from our AI Generator

We’re here to remind you once again that details are key! 🗝️ Olivia cannot write something you don’t tell her about, so make sure to write all the things you want Olivia 💁‍♀️ to include in your AI-generated prayer. You can write ✍️ sentences, phrases, and bullet points under “More details about it” to make sure that you don’t forget anything!

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Make sure to also take your recipient’s personality into consideration. If you know your friend’s religion, use that as your prayer’s religion. Your friend will surely appreciate it!🫰 For the “Prayer type”, consider what your recipient needs the most at the moment. If your grandmother 👵 has recently visited the hospital🚑, you can pray for healing or protection. ❤️‍🩹 Remember that you can type what you have in mind if it’s not available from the options!

Remember that the best prayers are personalized! Just because your prayer is AI-generated doesn’t mean that it has to be generic and robotic. 🤖 With the right inputs, Olivia can craft a heartfelt, warm, and thoughtful AI-generated prayer in no time! 💖

woman praying with hands together over her forehead from ai prayer generator

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When to use our AI Prayer Generator?

Showing your love 🫶 and care 💕 for your family, friends, and loved ones doesn’t have to be stressful. With Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator, you can stop worrying about blurting out the wrong words or finding the courage to say what you feel! Just write everything that comes to your mind and let Olivia 💁‍♀️ do the work!

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Want to show your long-distance boyfriend 🥰 that you support him even from afar but don’t know how? Send him a sweet prayer of protection! Is your sister having a hard time at school? 🤕 Generate a prayer for strength that both of you can use to pray for her! 😘

Try Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator now and see how easy it can be to spread love and care around the world!

sacred book in a dark room with hand turning a page using ai prayer generator

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Try Our AI Prayer Generator Today!

It isn’t easy finding the right words to form a prayer, especially if you’re not used to it. 🤔 With Gifft.me’s Prayer AI Generator, together with the tips we’ve shared above, you can hopefully now start creating heartfelt prayers ❤️ for your loved ones and yourself! 😘🫶😍

If you’re sending your AI-generated prayers to your loved ones, don’t forget to wrap them up with sweet virtual gifts from Gifft.me. 🎁 Just choose from the different types of virtual gifts available - from gift boxes 📦, to postcards, to love letters 💌 - add a photo fit for your prayer, and instantly send the link to your virtual gift! Easy, right? Go try it now!