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Technology 💻 has made connecting with our loved ones all over the globe 🌎 easier, faster 💨, and more convenient! With the advent of artificial intelligence 🤖, virtually anything is possible! Spread love to your family and friends by harnessing the power of AI 🦾 and sending them AI-generated messages that are guaranteed to make them feel loved and thought of, no matter where they are in the world!

With AI, you can craft different types of messages - love messages 💌, invitations ✉️, congratulatory messages 🤝, farewell greetings 👋, compliments 👑, and a lot more in just a few clicks! Who knew reaching out to people could be this easy?

Read on to know more about our generator and its unlimited possibilities or try Gifft.mes AI generator now!

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Introducing's All-Purpose AI Generator has developed an AI, whom you can call Olivia, that can generate funny, intuitive, and heartfelt AI messages tailored to your recipients. ♥️ You don’t need to worry about finding the right words by yourself 🤔 - Olivia can help you craft the perfect message that your recipient will definitely appreciate!

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Want to congratulate your classmates on your graduation? 🎓 Try generating AI-generated congratulatory messages through! Want to show your love through a romantic poem ❤️‍🔥but you just can’t find your rhyme at the moment? Olivia can surely fill in those rhymes! Thinking of a unique way to send invitations to your wedding guests? 💍 Seek Olivia’s help to check one item off your list!

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We recognize that not everyone can nail their feelings through words easily. With the power of AI, 💪 you can create AI-generated messages without having to stress out 😖 about finding the perfect words!

Want to know how it works? Check out our guide below to craft your AI-generated messages now! ⤵️

How to Make the Best Use of Our AI Generator

As powerful as Olivia is, she’s only here to help you create heartfelt messages 🥰 - the success of your AI-generated messages still hugely relies on your input! What input? 😱 Don’t worry! For the AI to work, you just have to answer some guide questions ❓ that will be used to generate the prompt that Olivia will use to craft your message.

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These questions are super easy 👌 - just answer a few things about your recipient, what you want your message to include, and other additional details to make the message more personalized. 📋

Because Olivia will be using your answers, remember to be as detailed as you can! 🔍 You don’t have to answer in perfect sentences - you can input bullet points or phrases! ✍️ The important thing is that you write everything you want Olivia to include to make sure that she generates the perfect message! 💎

Ready to start? 🪄 Run through our step-by-step guide to help you create your AI-generated message in a breeze!

Overview of the AI Generator's Interface

Let’s run through the process of creating your AI-generated message!

First, visit Olivia’s page. Once you’re ready, click “Get Started”. 🖱️

Olivia main page with Get Started button

Olivia will display all of the AI-generated messages that she can write. 📃

What to write? page in ai greetings generators

To view all the other messages, scroll down and click “Everything else”. ✍️

The everything else option in the list of use cases for the ai greetings generator

You’ll then find yourself in the first step of the AI message generation.

first step of the everything else message generator form

First, choose from the wide range of messages that Olivia can write - letter, riddle, apologies, thank you, farewell, poem, rhyme, miss you, good luck, invitation, greeting, and congratulations. ✍️

What to write? options in the everything else message generator

Once you’ve chosen the message that’s perfect for your recipient, write the details about what you want the message to include. 📜 You can write sentences, short phrases, or bullet points in this box - just make sure that you write everything that you want to include. ✅

For example, if you’re writing an apology for a fight you had with your sister, you can write “I want to apologize for wearing her clothes 👕 without permission. I accidentally spilled sauce on the shirt. I’ll make sure to ask for permission next time.”

Then, choose who the message is for (you can type in the box if the option is not available!) and sign your name.

Example of how to write an apology with the everything else ai generator with the form filled

Click “Next”. ⏩

The next button on the everything else ai generator

The next step is where you can review the prompt generated. 🕵️ This prompt is essentially just a summary of your answers from the previous page. Here, you can check if the prompt is complete.

message properties view in the all-purpose ai greetings generator with summary of prompt

If not, feel free to click “Edit prompt” to edit the text or “Back” 🔙 at the bottom of the page to go back to the previous page.

Once you’re satisfied, choose the mood for your AI-generated message. If you’re sending an apology 🙏, you may want to choose a serious mood. However, if you’re sending an invitation, you can select a friendly or lovely mood! 😊

message properties form with mood, length, emoji, and format

Lastly, choose the message length and number of emojis depending on your and your recipient’s preferences. Click “Generate message” to proceed.

Generate apologies button in the all-purpose ai generator at

In just a few seconds, your message will be ready!

Writing… screen at the ai message generator for all purposes

🔮 Read through your AI-generated message to see if it’s to your liking. If you think that something’s missing, you can always go back and edit your answers by clicking “Edit prompt”. ✍️

Your message is ready screen at the AI greetings generator for every occasion

You’ll also see numbers below your AI-generated message - these are variations of the message that you can click on to see which one you like best. 🔢 Just remember that clicking on each alternative consumes 1 message - and you only have 10 per day!

Want to generate an entirely new message? Click “Generate new message” to be directed to the list of messages again.

bottom part of the final screen at the ai everything else messages generator with other buttons and options

Once you’ve found the perfect AI-generated message, you can easily click “Copy text” to copy the message and paste it wherever you wish to send it. 📲 You can send riddles via SMS, congratulatory notes via DM, or invitations via email - it’s all up to you! If you’re feeling more adventurous and fun 🥸, why not try sending your AI-generated messages through virtual gifts? 🎁 offers a wide range of virtual gifts - gift boxes, love letters, bubble wraps 🫧, and a lot more! Sending your messages through’s virtual gifts is extremely easy 📩 as the feature is seamlessly incorporated into Olivia’s process! Just click “Send as virtual gift” and you can send the link in an instant! 📨

That was fun and easy, right? 🎊 What are you waiting for? Send love and wishes to your family and friends without the stress and hassle using’s AI-generated messages now! 💖

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Tips and Tricks of Using Our Free AI Generator

Creating AI-generated messages is so easy that you may think you don’t have to exert any effort anymore. Wrong! ❌ Remember that Olivia can only work based on the inputs you provide. 👈 While you only need to answer a few questions, it’s best that your answers to these questions are specific and detailed ✅ not only so that you can get the message that you want but also so that your message will feel heartfelt 😊 and personalized. 💕

If you want to create an AI-generated poem 📜 for your boyfriend whom you are in a long-distance relationship with ✈️, instead of just writing “missing someone”, you can write a more detailed description containing all of your feelings in bullet points like the example below:

  • longing for someone who lives far away
  • missing your best friend and lover
  • wanting to wake up every day next to each other

You'll find more insights about writing greetings in all kinds of occasions in our blog: Positive break-up messages 💔 and “I love you, son” messages. 🧸

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When to Use's AI All-Purpose Generator

If you’re like most of us who find it difficult to express your feelings through words 😟, or if you sometimes experience mental block 🧱 and need a push to keep your creative juices 🎨 going,’s AI generator can help you overcome these challenges and spread love more easily! With just minimal input and a few clicks 🖱️, you can easily craft various AI-generated messages that you can send to your loved ones in an instant!

Whether you’re finding it hard to create rhymes for your crush 🤭 or you’re too busy adjusting to married life 👰‍♀️ that you can’t write a personalized Thank You message to your family and friends who were part of your big day, Olivia’s here to help you get those feelings down in writing! 🧚 Start creating your AI-generated messages and spread love 💖, positivity 👌, and fun 😆 wherever you are!

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Start Spreading Love and Positivity Online Now!

Now that you have an idea of what AI has to offer, why not use your 10 free AI-generated messages 🤩 to try generating different messages that you can send to anyone in just a few clicks? ✉️ gives you 10 free messages a day 🤯 so that you can spread love as much as you want!

Don’t forget to send your AI-generated messages through’s virtual gifts! 🎁 These virtual gifts are highly interactive and fun, and we guarantee that your recipients would love unwrapping them just as much as they would love reading your messages! 💝

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